Top 4 Cocktails from Around the World

Choosing your next holiday destination according to the national cocktail might not be the most conventional way, but it sure is one of the most fun! Whether you prefer yours neat or on the rocks, shaken or stirred, these top four cocktails from around the world are sure to get you eager to book your next trip.

Top 4 Cocktails from Around the World

Margarita, Mexico

Made by stirring together tequila, triple sec and lime juice, the classic Mexican margarita is usually served in a salt-rimmed glass, resulting in a salty, tart cocktail that some would describe as an acquired taste! Although the original cocktail is limited to ingredients listed above and nothing more, there are loads of exciting and inventive variations, with margaritas made out of everything from strawberries, cucumber and watermelon to chocolate, green tea and even jalapeños!

Top 4 Cocktails from Around the World: A classic Mexican margarita
A classic Mexican margarita. Image via Flickr, Clifton Johnston / CC 2.0

Sangria, Spain

Combine red wine with whatever chopped up fruit you’ve got handy and a glug of every spirit bottle you own and what do you have? Sangria! The great thing about sangria is that there really is no set recipe – every bar, restaurant and club makes their own variation. It’s like trying a different cocktail each time you order sangria from a new place. Just like with margaritas, you can also enjoy all kinds of delicious sangrias in Spain made from red, white and rose wines as well as bubbly cava.

Set sail on a Mediterranean cruise for the chance to relax with a glass of sangria whilst savouring traditional paella in Spain.

Top 4 Cocktails from Around the World: Spanish sangria with fresh fruit
Spanish sangria with fresh fruit. Image via Flickr, Divya Thakur / CC 2.0

Mojito, Cuba

The mojito has got to be one of the most well-known and popular cocktails from around the world. Made by muddling together ice cubes, sugar, fresh mint leaves and lime juice before pouring over white rum and sparkling water, a mojito is cool and refreshing drink, perfect for sipping beachside. And just like most other cocktails on this list, the mojito also has loads of delicious fruity variations. It’s also sometimes served with shaved ice instead of ordinary ice cubes, creating a magical slushy mojito – something you’ve absolutely got to try in Cuba!

Top 4 Cocktails from Around the World: A tall, frosty Cuban mojito
A tall, frosty Cuban mojito. Image via Flickr, Jean-Philippe Rebuffet / CC 2.0

Singapore Sling, Singapore

Created by a bartender working in 1915 Raffles Hotel, the Singapore Sling is a red gin-based cocktail decorated with a thick wedge of pineapple and a maraschino cherry. Although there are no variations of this cocktail like they are the others in this list, the recipe has changed several times since it was first made at the luxury hotel, with cheaper and lesser quality ingredients used to knock down the price of the drink. The best Singapore slings are said to be made with fresh lime and pineapple juice, quality gin, Cherry Heering- and Cointreau-branded liqueurs, Benedictine, grenadine and bitters. The result is a delicious cocktail which seriously packs a punch!

Top 4 Cocktails from Around the World: A Singapore sling in a branded glass
A Singapore sling in a branded glass. Image via Flickr, Danae Pollack / CC 2.0

With so many things to see and do, so many delectable dishes to try and incredible cocktails like the Singapore Sling to sample, a holiday in Singapore should be at the top of your to-do list!

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