Top 3 Tourist Destinations in Croatia

Croatia is a small Eastern European country with a long beautiful coastline situated at the Adriatic Sea. Tourism is booming in Croatia because the weather is perfect, it is very easy to reach and it’s pretty affordable. It’s a country rich in culture and history and beautiful places to visit; and here are the top 3 tourist destinations in Croatia that you should see on an Adriatic holiday.

Alleyway Istria, Top 3 Tourist Destinations in Croatia
Alleyway in Istria

Top 3 Tourist Destinations in Croatia

Explore Istria

Whenever you think of Croatia, you will be forgiven if you just think of beaches on the 1,000 out-of-the-world Croatia’s Islands. This is an area of Croatia to the northwest; which you have to visit while you are in the land of the red and white checkers.

Here in Istria, you will see medieval hilltop towns, as well as gems such as the town of Novigrad; that some describe as becoming the ‘new Tuscany’, with a range of food festivals and also some of the area’s best wine, olive oil and the well-known white truffle.

Something else you would like to consider in Croatia while on holidays is cycling. Istria has many very scenic cycling routes. Amateurs to professionals will find a trail lined with fantastic views and plenty of destinations to stop and enjoy a local coffee.

Also in Istria is the Aquapark, which is popular for families with children on vacation in Croatia.

Novigrad Harbour, Istria, Top 3 Tourist Destinations in Croatia
Novigrad Harbour, Istria: Photo on Flickr by G Travels / CC BY-NC 2.0

Do Not Forget Zagreb

There’re a lot of things to do in Zagreb, which includes a unique exhibit of some trinkets people keep that remind them of any broken relationship. Now, at the Broken Relationships Museum, along with galleries and museums, Zagreb has a wonderful boutique fashion scene which you won’t get anywhere else in Croatia. You can easily zig-zag across this city without fuss; as it is a walker’s paradise as well as having a vast tram network.

Zagreb has an appealing food scene; with a blend of upscale restaurants including international fare, fusion, and those serving authentic meals as well. Tkalciceva Street is a fantastic place for you to drink and eat; wander along the 800-meter street and get your pick of cafes and bars to stop, where you can enjoy a cocktail or coffee.

Zagreb City, Cathedral, Top 3 Tourist Destinations in Croatia
Zagreb City and Cathedral

Explore Dubrovnik

No matter if you happen to prefer recreation, adventure, historical monuments or nature; Dubrovnik is bound to delight you with its beauty. This historical place is a haven of adventure and tranquility all year round; and is unique both for people looking to relax as well as people in search of fresh experiences. While you stroll through Dubrovnik’s streets, discover the many stories, legends, and secrets with Dubrovnik’s rich cultural heritage. Stop at Orlando’s Column, the Dubrovnik’s symbol of freedom; and learn the fundamentals of trading and spend time haggling with the locals. Wander through the streets, and listen to its troubadours and just learn why and how the city emerged from it’s Ancient Greek history. Dubrovnik is a destination both for families and for adventurers.

Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian Coast, Top 3 Tourist Destinations in Croatia
Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian Coast

In conclusion, these destinations are a must visit for you, but buying a property in Croatia should also be on the list of a discerning tourist looking for a beautiful un-spoilt and affordable coastal location where you can have a second home.

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