Top 3 Places to Visit in NSW

New South Wales is home to some of the most beautiful parkland, rainforests and mountains in the world. It is no surprise that some of the places there are among the most popular tourist spots in Australia, visited by people from all across the country and the world. Here are top 3 places to visit in NSW, you should consider at least once in your lifetime.

Top 3 Places to Visit in NSW

The Hunter Valley

Just a short 2 hour drive from Sydney is the famous wine region called the Hunter Valley. Famous for its wine, accommodation, fine dining and picturesque views, it’s one of the most popular places visited in New South Wales. Getting there is a breeze, you can reach it by car, bus, train, or even by the riverboat from Newcastle. Once you’re there you can expect to enjoy a town with beautiful villages, vineyards and breathtaking national parks. Tours around the wineries are a great way to explore the beautiful Hunter region, with most places picking you up from your hotel and dropping you back there after so you’re able to enjoy yourself.

Sunset in the Hunter Valley, Top 3 Places to Visit in NSW,Australia
Sunset in the Hunter Valley

Southern Highlands

From Sydney, the Southern Highlands is an easy drive down the Grand Pacific Drive a coastal road with fantastic views. The Southern Highlands is a great places to visit with fresh countryside views and a range of boutique cafes and restaurants to try. There are a few different places in the Highlands that are popular among tourists. Berrima, Mittagong and Bowral are all in close range of each other and boast stunning views with lots of things to do. In Berrima, you might like to head to the beautiful Bendooley Estate; a popular wedding and dining venue that offers up a delectable menu with stunning views. Or if you’re in the towns of Mittagong and Bowral; you might like to do the Fitzroy Inn history walk or visit the iconic Dirty Janes in Bowral.

Southern Highlands,Top 3 Places to Visit in NSW
Southern Highlands Destinations Tulip Festival at Bowral: Photo on Flickr by RubyGoes / CC BY 2.0

The Blue Mountains

The World-Heritage listed Blue Mountains comprises of lush rainforest, breathtaking canyons and dense bush-land, all accompanied by a rich history and excellent facilities. There are many great restaurants, hotels, events and things to see in the Blue Mountains. There are beautiful lookouts with breathtaking views of the deep valley. Some among the most popular include Wentworth Falls and Echo Point boasting spectacular views. If you prefer to do something a little bit more adventurous; you might like to jump aboard the scenic skyline and take a journey through the area of the Three Sisters. You could even trek it down to the bottom and then take the scenic car back up. This way you can enjoy the views from every angle.

Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, Top 3 Places to Visit in NSW, Australia
Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains

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