Greenscapes in London to Enjoy and Relax

London is a hive of activity with all the hustle and bustle, cramped tube stations and the frantic way of life. You might like to enjoy some of the calmer green spaces to relax and recoup during your visit. Here are some of my favourite tranquil Greenscapes in London to explore and catch your breath while visiting one of the UK’s busiest cities.

Greenscapes in London. Spring at St James Park
Spring at St James Park ©MDHarding

Greenscapes in London for a Relaxing Trip

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is easy to reach from central London, just jump on the District Line towards Richmond.

If it’s a cold brisk day, explore inside the Victorian Glasshouses with their incredible Orchid Collection or the Palm House. If visiting between 10th February through till 11th March the colourful Orchid Festival is taking place. Don’t miss the Tree Walk around the Japanese Garden with Gate and Pagoda, which are all wonderful.  There is also a small exhibition space, the Marianne North Gallery.

Marianne, an artist and intrepid traveller who visited seventeen countries stretching five continents from 1871 – 1885 painted over 1000 species. The walls of the Victorian building are full of brightly coloured paintings surrounded by gold borders and black lacquered frames. Truly mesmerising.

This February also sees the return of the prestigious International Garden Photographer of the Year exhibition.

Greenscapes in London. Kew Gardens, London
Kew Gardens, London ©MDHarding

Barbican Observatory

The second largest conservatory in London – Barbican Conservatory is lush and green, filled with over 2000 exotic plants, birds and fish. Did you know you can also enjoy an afternoon tea? Please do check opening times before visiting. While in the Barbican Arts Centre you might also like to see one of the many exhibitions or enjoy light refreshments at the Benugo Cafe.

Greenscapes in London. Barbican Conservatory
Barbican Conservatory ©MDHarding

St James Park 

One of the Royal Parks – St James Park lies in front of Buckingham Palace. The garden is a joy to walk around during any time of year, as there is always something to catch your eye. Did you know St James Park is home to over 40 pelicans? Don’t miss feeding time between 2.30 – 3.00 pm each day at Duck Island Cottage.  It’s something special!

St James Park. Greenscapes in London
St James Park ©MDHarding

With Spring on its way, it’s a great time to get back outdoors, enjoy the spring colours and nature. I hope you are inspired to visit these three beautiful greenscapes in London.  Do you have a favourite greenscape in London? We would love to hear, please let us know below. Happy Travels:) x

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