Top Three Places for an Adventure in the American Northwest

Not everyone enjoys sitting by the sea drinking exotic cocktails and listening to the surf, and for those of you who prefer rock-climbing to relaxing, woodland treks to sandy beaches and glaciers to grass-skirts, you should be looking at Northwest America as your next destination. See for yourself why it has an action-packed adventure just waiting for you to find…

Top 3 Adventure Destinations in Northwest America

1. Yellowstone National Park

You can’t take a trip to the northwest without taking in the beauty of America’s first ever national park in Wyoming. Why? Because not only is it home to half of the world’s active geysers, but its 28,000 square miles are teaming with 424 species of wildlife. For nature-lovers, there is no greater place to discover new sights and sounds.

Top 3 Adventure Destinations in Northwest America: Lake, Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park

Top Tip: For the seasoned hiker, take Uncle Tom’s Trail. It’s a tough trek, so pack your best boots if you want to see the canyon and waterfall that make this an unforgettable experience.

2. Glacier National Park

This hiker’s dream in Montana sits on the US-Canada border, where you’ll find the alpine lakes, gushing waterfalls and spectacular British Columbian scenery that this park is famous for. Aside from mountain goats and grizzly bears, you’ll also be able to explore the stunning glaciers that give this area it’s name. Be sure to pack your picnic basket and take the trail up to Lake McDonald Valley for a slice of serenity.

Top 3 Adventure Destinations in Northwest America: Lake Mcdonald, Glacier National Park
Lake Mcdonald, Glacier National Park

Top Tip: If you really want to test yourself, take the Swiftcurrent Pass – it may be one of the most challenging, but you’ll be privy to some stunning views of six lakes. Here are the top 10 hikes in Glacier National Park.

3. Olympic National Park

For a true taste of the Pacific Northwest, why not sample the rainforest trails of the Olympic National Park in the state of Washington? Taking the Hoh Rainforest trail will feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole as giant plantlife dominates this area, all before you venture forward to explore the snow-capped summits further on.

Top Tip: If you decide after that exhausting trip that you’d like a little time to unwind, head for the Sol Duc Hot Springs to ease your aching body.

If this quick guide has wetted your appetite and you’d like to know more places that the Northwest has to offer, you’d better head over to Grand American Adventures. Whether you want to find more places of interest, get insider tips, or stay in a log cabin or on an authentic Western ranch, they have tours and packages to suit every adventure.

Top 3 Adventure Destinations in Northwest America: Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park

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