Top 11 Philippines Destinations for a Holiday Investment

Whether you are a local or foreign visitor to the Pearl of the Orient, you may have a long list of where to go. With more than 7,000 islands, Philippines has a lot to offer to its habitants and guests. Let us take a peek at each of the top 11 Philippines destinations and see which one should you go first.

Top 11 Philippines Destinations for a Holiday or Investment


Chocolate hills and tarsier – these are what Cebu is known for. With its beauty that captivates everybody’s eyes and hearts, you might want to get a property or Cebu real estate soon! Aside from the environmental wonders this place have, Cebu is also historical on its own. This is the first place where the group of Ferdinand Magellan has landed way back in 1521.

Movenpick Hotel, Mactan Island, Cebu
Movenpick Hotel, Mactan Island, Cebu

Boracay, Aklan

Boracay has been part of everybody’s bucket list even before it got mainstream – because why not? Though recently, the local government unit in Aklan has expressed its concern with the saddening amount of trash being left on the beautiful beach. So just a reminder: if you want more people to witness the wonder of this natural white beach of Boracay, you need to be a responsible guest.

Must See Attractions in the Philippines: Boracay White Sand Beach
Boracay White Sand Beach


If you though getting a Cebu real estate property can get any better, wait until you explore Palawan (which is just a plane away from Cebu). As Boracay has established its reputation of being a great white beach, Palawan has Coron and El Nido for diving, clear waters and jaw-dropping rock formations. You will surely appreciate the beauty of Earth in Palawan.

Coron Island Philippines
Coron Island, Philippines

La Union

One of the top surfing destinations in the country is La Union. It is also known to be the Surfing Capital of the North. The waves in the waters of La Union will thrill the surfer inside you. If you are not the adventurous type, you may simply go around the city and explore. There are also some historical landmarks there, and if you happen to visit during the first or second week of February, you will witness Buybuy Festival.


Another surfing destination is Aurora. The waves will also amaze you just as in La Union. If you have enough resources to go farther, you may want to visit Casiguran. Unfortunately, the locals are facing some land grabbing issues regarding APECO. Nevertheless, if you come to marvel around, there are numbers of islands and spots that exposes the clear waters of the country.

Siargao, Surigao del Norte

If you are still looking for some water adventures, you should go to Siargao. It is a tear-shaped island found in Surigao del Norte. There are several places you should visit here: Guyam Island, Magpupungko, Cloud 9 Surfing Area, Punsukian Tropical Beach Resort and of course other nearby areas. Siargao is currently making some noise when speaking about surfing and water adventures so this place should be in your places to visit!

Sugba Lagoon, Siargao
Sugba Lagoon, Siargao


A pear-shaped island located in the Philippines is Camiguin. Others said that the island came to its being due to numerous volcanic eruptions and land movements. There are seven volcanoes in Camiguin, and one of it is the famous Mount Hibok-Hibok, which is also an active one. Aside from white beaches and natural environment wonders, you will also find a Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin.


If you thought that Philippines only has beautiful beaches, wait until you get to Batanes and witness tremendous and incredible landscapes. No need to travel far from home to go to New Zealand if there is something as beautiful to be found in Batanes. Locals are known as Ivatans and regarded to be sincere and honest people. There are several honesty stores in the area and good to know that there is actually low criminal rate here! So yes, you are in safe hands.


We all know that we cannot go back in time, but Vigan has that vibes that make you feel you are back in the old days. This city has successfully preserved its Spanish culture – from the roads and homes; you’d think that you are back in time. Calle Crisologo is one of the favorite spots in Vigan. There are museums and mansions to visit.

Mount Pulag, Luzon

Luzon’s highest peak and bordered by different areas such as Benguet, Ifugao and Nueva Vizcaya is Mount Pulag. The way up to the summit of Mount Pulag is undoubtedly not an easy journey but is worth it. The sea of clouds will welcome and embrace you. Probably one of the few places in the Philippines which is cold!

Mount Pulag, Luzon
Mount Pulag, Luzon

Baguio City

Last but not the least the City of Pines and Summer Capital of the Philippines – Baguio City. I bet we do not need to elaborate further on what awaits you here in this city. Cold climate, welcoming people, majestic views, cheap ukay-ukay or thrift shops – find everything in Baguio. The traffic may be worse during summer and Christmas season, so you need to be practical on when to visit.

There you go! With all these at hand, which will you go first? There are more than this list, and you may want to add some places. Feel free to share which destinations should be on each visitor’s list. Surely, traveling is more fun in the Philippines!

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