Top 10 Travel Trends for 2018

The year 2018 is already 2 months old and the time is exactly right for finding out what travel trends await. Having researched the latest expert advice, industry news and insights in general, we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 travel trends for 2018 that range from traditional to adventure tourism.

Family travel and the modern dynamics

Single-parent families aren’t exactly traditional, but this has become something of a common occurrence. Almost 20% of Canadian homes with children are lone-parent families and a ballpark of around two million single-parent families exist in the UK. The travel industry is keeping up the pace; the trend of exclusively two-parent travel offers is rightfully dying out.

Cruise travel as a sustainable option

Cruise ships in Nassau in the Bahamas
Cruise ships in Nassau in the Bahamas

With cruise travel’s growth in popularization, the need for greener cruises is following suit. Owing to the pressure from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), large ship cruises are focusing on reducing their environmental footprint, which is a huge win for green travel.

Experiencing the destination as a local

top 10 travel trends for 2018

The one problem with tourism is that you usually feel like a tourist; meaning that you can’t truly experience the destination as a local. An increasing number of travel-related experts and corporations are following in Airbnb’s footsteps by starting to emphasize the local experience to their clients. 2018 is more than likely to keep with this trend.

Canada as a hot travel destination

Canadian maple leaf emblem on a fence in Toronto, Canada,bike, top 10 travel trends for 2018
Canadian maple leaf emblem on a fence in Toronto

Canadian tourism has reached a staggering 14-year high, seeing almost 20 million tourists visiting this beautiful country in 2016. This is particularly trending with newer markets, such as Chinese nationals, that have grown by 24% in 2017!

Winter as the peak season

Ice cave in winter, frozen,freezing, cold, top 10 travel trends for 2018
Ice cave in winter

Evidently, not all travelers are motivated exclusively by warmer climates. The facts that winter festivals attract millions of visitors, and that many new hotels have been opened in the Arctic Circle area; are obvious proofs that the winter is the peak season for a growing number of tourists.

Solo travel experience will continue spiking in popularity

Traveling alone has seen a huge boom in popularity over the course of last couple of years. This unique experience is likely to continue down this road, as travel companies are starting to build catered products to accommodate and celebrate solo travelers.

Adventure travel as a game changer

Noodle making in an Asian restaurant, top 10 travel trends for 2018
Noodle making in an Asian restaurant

Adventure used to mean doing risky adrenaline activities, but this definition is changing, as these are now favored 45% less than experiencing new cultures.  Today, adventure travel encompasses everything from taking cooking classes and going wine tasting, to taking so-called locally-focused shopping tours where you can explore various cities and neighborhoods and purchase quality local products. Hiring a personal chef service takes a culinary experience to the next level, as travelers can enjoy regional gourmet dishes in their accommodation. With a focus this broad, adventure travel is doubtlessly going to keep growing more popular.

Less-traveled locations in Europe will alleviate tourist capacity crunch

Italy and Croatia have been at the top of the European travel destinations list, and the visitor overcrowdedness is taking its toll. The tourist industry is starting to embrace new frontiers that will help alleviate over-tourism. Locations such as Cyprus, Poland, Moldova and Belarus are likely to see huge booms in hospitality.

Middle East as a headline defier

Temple with gold columns in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, top 10 travel trends for 2018
Temple with gold columns in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Despite the worrying situation that’s been going on in the Middle East for a long time now; its growth in international arrivals has surpassed both Europe and South America in 2017. With Hilton Worldwide now counting 7 new Egypt hotels in its ranks; the Middle East has a lot to look forward to.

Digital nomadism as a way of life

Owing to the advancement of technology (the Internet, in particular; the trend of digital nomadism has been stewing throughout the last decade, and the dish is finally ready to be served. The digital nomads are moving in masses all across the world, visiting a variety of locations worldwide; and this movement is likely to see nothing but growth, both as a profession and as a travel type.

These 10 trends paint a beautiful picture for 2018 travel; their number and variety are only likely to grow in the coming years, as is their popularity. So choose according to your preferences, pack your bags, and go worldwide!

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