10 Tips to Help Maximize Your Travelling Experience

Travelling and that long awaited vacation can be a complete pleasure or a headache. Ultimately, it often depends on how much advance planning and thought goes into the pre-planning stage. Help make your next trip easier with less hassle by following these few travelling tips!

Top 10 Travel Tips to Maximize Your Experience

Weather is everything.

While we can’t control the weather, we can plan for it. Using a weather app helps to plan for the impending weather, rather good or bad.  Don’t let bad weather put a damper on your vacation plans. A day at the beach might not be in order, but use the rainy day to visit local museums or other indoor attractions.

Top 10 Travel Tips: Airport

Compact pack.

Whether travelling alone, or with a family, compact travelling makes the trip that much easier. Make a list of essentials before packing to decide what really is needed. Planning a trip to the Bahamas? You can probably leave that coat behind! Packing compactly will also help if using mass transit or an airline. Many bus, train and airlines have weight limit restrictions.

Halfway to paradise with a suitcase
Halfway to paradise with a suitcase: Photo on Flickr by Patrick Marione / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Don’t forget medication refills

And look for pharmacies where you go. Plan your medication before you leave. Ensure there is a pharmacy nearby in case refills are needed. Most pharmacies will transfer medication with a phone call.

Medication: Photo on Flickr by Jamie / CC BY 2.0

Kids… bring things to do.

There’s nothing worse than spending a long flight with a restless and bored child, and having that carry on throughout the holiday is even worse. Remember to bring some simple toys, books or activities for the kids to do to keep them occupied both while travelling to your destination and during the trip.

Inflight Entertainment
Inflight Entertainment on Flickr by Frans Persoon / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Bring entertainment for rainy days.

Don’t let rain ruin your plans. Discuss with the family what they might want to do on a rainy day. Bring some movies for the computer, easy to pack board or card games or simple art activities to keep everyone happy and busy.

Rainy Day Entertainment
Rainy Day Entertainment: Photo on Flickr by Marcy Tomsen / CC BY 2.0

Check out beforehand eating options

Including family nights, barbecue grills, etc. One of the most expensive parts of a vacation is food, especially when kids are involved. All meals don’t have to be eaten out. Check with the hotel about breakfast that might be included with the room charge. Some places even have grills for their guests.

Top 10 Travel Tips Restaurant

Explore your accommodation options.

When booking a holiday, it’s instinctual to just want to get something booked as soon as possible and so we often just choose what looks like the best offer or what’s been recommended to us. So, before you book have a thorough look at all your options. Whether you’re wanting a luxurious stay in the Maldives or a simple caravan break in the UK, don’t book before you’re 100% certain it’s the best choice for you.

Use ATM for best exchange rates.

ATM’s take the hassle out of figuring money transfer and exchange rates. If math calculations aren’t your strong points, the ATM will do the transfer into the new currency for you. Just search beforehand to ensure there are machines near your vacation spot.

ATM's in Piccadilly Circus
ATM’s in Piccadilly Circus: Photo on Flickr by Garry Knight / CC BY 2.0

Make a copy of passports and important IDs in case you lose them.

While it is possible to re-board a ship or plane once documents are faxed to you, it is much easier to have copies just in case. There is a strong chance however that a picture ID will still be needed to prove your identity.

Top 10 Travel Tips: Plane

Don’t advertise you are traveling.

Remember to stay away from vacation updates on Social Media, announcing your location. It might also be a good idea to turn off satellite locator on devices so they don’t announce where you are.

As they say, a little planning goes a long way. This is definitely true for planning your next vacation. Hopefully these top 10 travel tips will create a less stressful trip the next time around.

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