10 Copenhagen Highlights

I’ve unintentionally started a series here. So far, I’ve written posts on the highlights of Madrid, Dublin, Galway, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brussels, Antwerp, New York City, Salisbury and Bath, Berlin and Paris. I may as well extend this list of great cities from around the world. This time I’ll be covering Copenhagen, Denmark, incidentally one of my absolute favourite cities.

Copenhagen has everything a major city should have and a stay in Copenhagen shouldn’t be any shorter than three days, at the very least. There are several fantastic palaces – it’s the historic and present home of the Danish royal family –, many world-class museums, numerous statues of famous residents, cozy pedestrianised streets, colourful houses and absolutely breathtaking waterfronts. Public transport runs flawlessly, everyone speaks fluent English and the city is extremely walkable. The only downside I can think of is that you’ll be spending more money than in the average large city.

Top 10 Things to See in Copenhagen

10. Little Mermaid

Honesty first: I’ve only included the Little Mermaid in this list because it’s a landmark in Copenhagen. It’s not one of my favourites, but it also isn’t something that can be skipped. This little statue is arguably Copenhagen’s most famous attraction.

Top 10 Things to See in Copenhagen
Little Mermaid

9. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

This late-19th-century art museum was created by the son of the founder of the famous Carlsberg brewery. It focuses on Egyptian, Greek and Roman art, particularly sculptures. Additionally there’s a large collection of Danish and French art as well.

Top 10 Things to See in Copenhagen: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

8. Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg surrounds the octagonal palace square and consists of four identical buildings: Christian VII’s Palace, Christian VIII’s Palace, Christian IX’s Palace and Frederik VIII’s Palace. A 1771 statue of King Frederik V stands in the middle of the square. Amalienborg Palace is often considered to be the grandest Danish Rococo building in the world.

Top 10 Things to See in Copenhagen: Amalienborg Palace
Amalienborg Palace

7. Dozens of Statues

Copenhagen has been home to some famous and prominent people and they all have their own statue.  Examples are Bishop Absalon, Søren Kierkegaard, Hans Christian Andersen, Carl Nielsen and King Christian X. Other remarkable statues are The Lure Players, the Dragon Fountain and the Gefion Fountain.

6. Strøget

One of the major Copenhagen highlights is Strøget , the largest shopping area in the city. It is 1.1 kilometers long and is in fact one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe. The street is lined with countless stores, including several of the world’s most expensive brands.

Top 10 Things to See in Copenhagen: Strøget

5. Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace is situated on an island in the heart of the city and is the seat of the Danish Parliament. Additionally, Christiansborg Palace is home to a few great attractions: the Queen’s Tapestries, underground ruins, the Royal Stables and the 106-meter tower that’s free to visit and offers fantastic views of the city.

Top 10 Things to See in Copenhagen: Christiansborg Palace
Christiansborg Palace

4. Tivoli Gardens

An amusement park in the center of a capital city, Tivoli was established in 1843 and is a Danish national treasure and major attraction. The park is made up of beautiful gardens, amusement rides, gorgeous architecture and food stalls; a nostalgic fairy-tale-like atmosphere is what makes Tivoli so unique. In summer it hosts several open-air concerts.

3. Rosenborg Castle

Located in the King’s Garden in central Copenhagen, beautiful Rosenborg Castle features the Knight’s Hall with the coronation thrones, tapestries, the king’s writing cabinet, the Crown Jewels and other royal treasures.

Top 10 Things to See in Copenhagen: Rosenborg Castle
Rosenborg Castle

2. The National Museum

A history museum can’t possibly be more comprehensive than the Danish National Museum, definitely one of the top Copenhagen highlights. It covers Danish history from the Stone Age through the Age of the Vikings and the Middle Ages to modern history. It’s home to extensive collections of near eastern antiquities, coins, toys and so on. The huge exhibits on cultures from all over the world is nothing less than phenomenal. The National Museum is probably the best history museum I’ve ever visited. I can’t praise it enough.

Top 10 Things to See in Copenhagen: National Museum
National Museum

1. Nyhavn

The first time I saw Nyhavn my jaw literally dropped. It is hands down the prettiest urban area I’ve seen in my life. Nothing in the world compares to the yellow, red and blue pastel-colored houses that line the narrow harbor. Small and larger sailboats bop about in the water, while people sit on outside terraces of restaurants and bars. It is an absolutely brilliant place and my number one Copenhagen highlight. Not to be missed!

Top 10 Things to See in Copenhagen: Nyhavn

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