Pittsburgh Top 10: Must-See and Must-Do

Pittsburgh is more than just your average sports town. It is also more than just the industrialized city that once provided iron and steel to some of the country’s most recognizable skyscrapers. The city’s unparalleled natural beauty, accompanied by its continuously evolving culture makes Pittsburgh one of the best cities to live and visit in the United States. Here is a list of top 10 things to do in Pittsburgh  including attractions, activities, and experiences.

Top 10 Things to Do in Pittsburgh

1 – Take the Kids to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Kids will definitely enjoy a day examining huge dinosaur bones and learning about rare and unusual rock formations at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. There is also a hall dedicated to the giants of the African savannah and to the extinct animals from the Ice Age.

2 – Take a Walking Tour of the Strip District

Learn about the district’s industrial history and experience for yourself why this neighborhood is where most Pittsburgherers like to hang out. The area also continues to be a wholesale market mecca for local produce and crafts. Head over on Saturday mornings to sample the delicacies and freshly made goodies.

3 – Get Lost in Lawrenceville

Top 10 Things to Do in Pittsburgh: Typical Coffee Shop in Lawrenceville
Typical Coffee Shop in Lawrenceville (Image courtesy of Pop City Media)

Visitors looking for eclectic experiences should spend a day wandering the Lawrenceville neighborhood. Art galleries housed in old bodegas, distinctive architecture lining up Butler St, and trendy boutique shops you won’t find anywhere else are the main attractions in Pittsburgh’s largest neighborhood.

4 – Learn How to Make Glass at The Pittsburgh Glass Center

Before steel, Pittsburgh was a known for its glass making capability and The Pittsburgh Glass Center is resurrecting that culture with a modern twist. Classes are available for all skill levels so whether you’re a novice just looking to try something different or a master craftsman wanting to learn the art of glass blowing just like the locals in the 1700s, you will definitely discover your inner creativity.

5 – Take a Steel Factory Tour

Top 10 Things to Do in Pittsburgh: Abandoned Blast Furnace at US Steel Homestead Works
Abandoned Blast Furnace at US Steel Homestead Works (Image courtesy of Rivers of Steel)

A trip to Pittsburgh is practically incomplete without learning about its industrial history , particularly the role it played as the most prolific steel manufacturer at the turn of the 20th century. The Rivers of Steel National Heritage group offers tours to visitors wanting to learn about steel production as it was during Pittsburgh’s Golden Age.

6 – Sample a Pint or Two of Pittsburgh Beer

Join the throng of locals at a pub on South Side for cheap pints or sample a glass straight from one of the three local breweries on Pittsburgh’s East End. Try the summer weizen at Penn Brewery or indulge yourself with a medium-bodied IPA at Church Brew Works.

7 – Watch a Professional Sports Team Play

Top 10 Things to Do in Pittsburgh: View of Downtown Pittsburgh from PNC Park
View of Downtown Pittsburgh from PNC Park

There are three professional team sports located in Pittsburgh and all of these franchises are steep in history. Pittsburgherers love their sports so whether it is their beloved Penguins, Pirates, or Steelers playing, you are guaranteed a fantastic atmosphere. Remember to wear black and gold to fit right in.

8 – Take In the Scenic Views

Pittsburgh’s unique location at the convergence of three rivers makes it one of the most picturesque cities in the United States. To fully appreciate the beauty of this city, hike up Mt. Washington or drive towards Grandview Avenue and enjoy breathtaking views.

9 – Check out a Quirky Location

Top 10 Things to Do in Pittsburgh: A Section of Randyland
A Section of Randyland (Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Magazine – David Kelly)

The city’s growing artistic culture has resulted in some fantastic indoor and outdoor creations. Take Randyland for example. Local artist Randy Gilson has transformed a section of the Mexican War streets into a colorful and mind-altering jumble piece of art that is sure to catch any passerby’s attention.

10 – Kayak on the Allegheny

Our last but not the least item on our top 10 things to do in Pittsburgh is kayaking. Kayaking on the Allegheny River is a fun activity for the whole family and a great way to experience the beauty of Pittsburgh. Companies like Venture Outdoors and Allegheny Outfitters offer single and double paddle kayak rentals. The former has locations on both North Shore and North Park while the latter offers guided trips along the calm and scenic portions of the river.

Looking for a place to stay that’s convenient to the top 10 things to do in Pittsburgh? Consider hotels in the downtown district or look into the cheaper accommodations on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

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