Top 10 Things to Do in Ireland

Ireland is a marvelous place to visit. The Emerald Isle encompasses two countries, Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is a part of the United Kingdom. This post features both countries, as they are both located on the island of Ireland.

If you’re not sure which things to do in Ireland, the following ten recommendations will certainly be useful!

Top 10 Things to Do in Ireland

Drink a Pint of Guinness in a Local Pub

Top 10 Things to do in Ireland: Guinness and Bulmers
Guinness and Bulmers

Guinness is pretty much the national drink in Ireland. Every single pub in the country serves it and a visit to Ireland isn’t complete without enjoying a pint of the dark gold after a long day of exploring.

Drive the Ring of Kerry

Top 10 Things to do in Ireland: Ring of Kerry
Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry circumnavigates one of the peninsulas in County Kerry in southwestern Ireland. It’s a fabulous loop, taking in deserted beaches, mountains, ancient ruins, picturesque coastal villages and Killarney National Park.

Peer Down the Cliffs of Moher

Top 10 Things to do in Ireland: Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s most visited and most spectacular natural attraction. Located on the west coast, these majestic cliffs rise up steeply from the wild Atlantic Ocean and are an absolute must-see when visiting Ireland.

Spend a Weekend in Galway

Top 10 Things to do in Ireland: Galway
Waterfront in Galway

Galway is one of the prettiest cities on the island. The hub of the west coast, it is filled with pubs, shops and historic attractions, including a stunning cathedral and a couple of excellent museums. Galway is also the ideal base to explore the Burren, visit the Cliffs of Moher or travel around Connemara.

Visit Medieval Kilkenny

Top 10 Things to do in Ireland: Kilkenny
St Mary’s Cathedral, Kilkenny

Tiny Kilkenny is packed with landmarks. This gorgeous medieval town is dotted with old churches and cathedrals, monasteries and abbeys. It is also home to two major breweries and a plethora of pubs.

Explore the Emptiness of Connemara

Top 10 Things to do in Ireland: Connemara

Connemara is a magnificently empty region on the Irish west coast, a short distance north of Galway. Its landscapes consist of lakes, barren hills and bald mountains, bogs, turf fields and a spectacular coastline.

Admire the Rock of Cashel

Top 10 Things to do in Ireland: Rock of Cashel
Rock of Cashel

St. Patrick’s Rock of Cashel is one of Ireland’s largest heritage sites. Consisting of the ruins of a cathedral and chapel and a well-preserved round tower, the Rock of Cashel features one of the most impressive collections of medieval buildings in Europe.

Wander the Streets of Dublin

Top 10 Things to do in Ireland: Dublin
River Liffey, Dublin

Dublin, capital of Ireland, is, of course, a mandatory destination during any stay in Ireland. This ancient city is chock-full with landmarks and attractions, from Trinity College and Christ Church Cathedral to Phoenix Park and Kilmainham Gaol.

See the Giant’s Causeway

Top 10 Things to do in Ireland: Giant's Causeway
Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is Northern Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the absolute highlights on the entire island. This unique area of hexagonal basalt rocks that rise out of the ocean is one of those sites that you simply must see in your life.

Learn about Sectarianism in Belfast

Top 10 Things to do in Ireland: Belfast
Peace Line, Belfast

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and has had a rather rough past of terrorism and sectarian wars. Nowadays, things have calmed down, but the remains of those violent days are still very much there. The Peace Line and the provocative murals on Shankill and Falls Roads are both major highlights.

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