Why New Zealand is a Top Winter Destination

When you first think of why New Zealand is a great holiday destination, you most probably imagine crystal clear lakes, magnificent mountains slicing into the sky above and the finest beaches one can ever hope to visit.

While this common assumption is accurate, it is why New Zealand has even more to offer than many people realise.  During the winter months (from June to September), these mountains that tower above the land become some of the most amazing snow covered wonderlands in the world.  The South Island is in no shortage of scenic locations fit for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.

It is fairly common for people to instantly think of Europe and the Alps when they are planning a winter getaway.  When you close your eyes and imagine sitting by a log fire inside your wooden cabin while the white powder continues to fall from the sky, you can’t help but think of such locations as France, Switzerland and Austria.  Now, before you go jet setting for one of these popular destinations, continue reading to learn why New Zealand can give you the winter adventure of your dreams and so much more.

Why New Zealand: Lindis Pass in Winter
Lindis Pass in Winter

1. World class skiing and snowboarding

When it comes to season length or duration, the question is why New Zealand comes out on top in Australasia?  Not only can you enjoy a longer ski season here but there are also various types of terrain to choose from.  The amazing quality of the snow makes it possible for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts to enjoy all levels of pistes from beginner to advanced.  Another advantage is the fact that New Zealand’s ski resorts are all within a short drive of each other.  Therefore, you don’t need to select a single resort for the duration of your stay.  You can move from one to the next and really explore as many different slopes and scenery as possible.

Why New Zealand: Queenstown from the Skyline Gondola in winter
Queenstown from the Skyline Gondola in winter

2. Winter Festival in Queenstown

This is one city that is known to have absolutely everything to offer!  Backpackers and party folk feel very much at home in Queenstown with plenty of top quality ski facilities and, of course, more than enough après ski for good measure!  A 10 day event that includes fireworks, parties, festivities and fun marks the beginning of the winter season.  This is probably the busiest time of the year with so much to see and do.

Why New Zealand:
Child playing in Snow in Queenstown

3. Geothermal Hot Springs

Your trip to New Zealand can only be considered complete if you include a visit to one of the fabulously famous geothermal hot springs.  After enjoying yourself on the slopes all day, there’s no better way to relax and soothe those aching muscles than by soaking in some naturally heated thermal water.  Hot springs can be found throughout the country, both on the North and South Island.  One of the most popular of all being Hanmer Springs located on the South Island.

Why New Zealand: Hydro Therapy Pools at Hanmer Springs
Hydro Therapy Pools at Hanmer Springs

4. Sport and Rugby

The various local sporting activities attract large crowds in New Zealand and the winter months are perfect for enjoying various games.  The All Blacks have a number of games scheduled during the winter months so, if you can manage to get yourself a ticket to one of their matches, you will not be disappointed.  Their amazing skill and the explosive atmosphere will most definitely prove unforgettable.

5. Kaikoura Whale Watching

There are few things worse than going on a whale watching trip only to return without potting a single ocean giant.  The months of June and July are the best for whale watching since it is exactly in the middle of their migration period.  During these months you have the best chance of spotting a number of whales.  One of the best spots for whale watching is Kaikoura on the South Island.  It is also a stunning waterfront town and visitors usually choose to spend extra time here walking around and exploring.

Why New Zealand: Sperm Whales off the Kaikoura Coast
Sperm Whales off the Kaikoura Coast

6. New Zealand Beaches

While some might believe that it’s strange to visit the beach during winter, you will discover why New Zealand’s coastline is excellent for a relaxing stroll.  If the weather is somewhat chilly, you can always warm up beside a campfire and get in touch with your surroundings without interruptions from technology.  Another advantage of visiting the beach in winter is that you won’t have to deal with the enthusiastic summer visitors.  You will have that much more sand that you can call your own and it will most definitely be a unique experience.

7. Why New Zealand has Reduced Costs in Winter

There isn’t anyone out there who doesn’t like saving money.  The cost of your trip to New Zealand is reasonably lower than during other times of the year.  So, if you monitor flight prices, you will most likely be able to snag a really great deal on a flight ticket.  In addition, the amount of money you will spend during your stay will also be considerably less during the winter.  Accommodation, trips and food are notably more affordable during the cooler months.

8. Great Wine

Just imagine being able to ski just minutes away form some of the best vineyards in the world!  Enjoy a morning on the pistes and take a break during the afternoon as you sip on a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from the local wine producers.

Why New Zealand: Winery Visit with a Group
Winery Visit with a Group

9. Fantastic Food

As mentioned before, since things are somewhat cheaper in the winter, you can really indulge in extras like New Zealand’s delicious cuisine.  The local cuisine includes locally sourced produce, intense flavours and, since you are so close to the water, wonderfully fresh seafood.

10. It’s not that cold!

It might surprise you but, despite being surrounded by snow covered mountains, it really isn’t all that cold.  New Zealand enjoys a more temperate climate throughout the year.  You might feel a bit chilly but, compared to other parts of the world, the winters are far more tolerable.

With all of these factors in mind, what are you waiting for?  Plan your next winter holiday in New Zealand with The Road Trip who will ensure that you get to experience all of the above and more!  A deluxe private tour caters to your personal needs and moves at your ace so that you can get the most out of your New Zealand trip.

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