Ghent, Belgium, in 10 Pictures

I’ve already introduced you to the old city of Ghent, Belgium, a city that features some of Europe’s most spectacular medieval architecture, so—it’s a habit of mine—in this post I would like to give you guys an photographic impression of what this fantastic city has to offer.

Ghent is one of the best-kept secrets in Europe. Once one of the biggest and most powerful cities north of the Alps, Ghent has many historic buildings and churches that attest to this wealthy past. From the mighty St. Bavo’s Cathedral and imposing St. Nicholas’ Church to the powerful Gravensteen Castle and the spectacular Graslei, Ghent is dotted with striking landmarks, beautiful streets and great museums.

While most people who visit Belgium, limit their time to the capital city of Brussels and, perhaps, Bruges, Ghent is almost always skipped. That’s a real shame.

Because it is much less touristy—there are some tourists, though—Ghent feels more “real”. It hasn’t been spoiled by expensive restaurants and cliché souvenir shops. The fact that it is also a large university city, as well as an industrial city also adds to the down-to-earth mentality and vibe of this Belgian city.

In addition to gorgeous buildings and loads of history, Ghent is also home to some of Belgium’s most popular festivals. The Gentse Feesten, for example, attracts thousands upon thousands of visitors in mid-summer. This is a 10-day festival that takes place literally all over the city—on the river, on the banks, on the squares and in the streets. Other festivals that are worth experiencing are the Festival of Flanders and 10 Days Off.

Now, join me on a quick photo tour of Belgium’s most underrated “big” city.

Top 10 Pictures of Ghent

Top 10 Pictures of Ghent: Gravensteen Castle, Ghent
Gravensteen Castle, Ghent
Top 10 Pictures of Ghent: Groentenmarkt, Ghent, Belgium
Groentenmarkt with its outdoor terraces
Top 10 Pictures of Ghent: St. Michael's Bridge, Ghent
St. Michael’s Bridge is probably the most photographed spot in the city
Top 10 Pictures of Ghent: Kraanlei in Ghent, Belgium
Boats on the Leie River
Top 10 Pictures of Ghent: Korenmarkt
Buildings at the Korenmarkt
Top 10 Pictures of Ghent: Belfry and cloth hall in Ghent, Belgium
Belfry and cloth hall in Ghent, Belgium
Top 10 Pictures of Ghent: Patershol, Ghent
Bars in the Patershol neighborhood
Top 10 Pictures of Ghent: Vrijdagmarkt, Ghent
Vrijdagmarkt, Ghent
Top 10 Pictures of Ghent: Graslei in Ghent
The gorgeous medieval houses on the Graslei
Top 10 Pictures of Ghent: Korenmarkt
Korenmarkt, Ghent

Ghent deserves at least two days of your time. You can get there by train from Brussels in no more than half an hour. For a place to stay in Ghent, you can opt between hostels, hotels and B&Bs.

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