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To continue this end-of-the-year series that focuses on Belgium—check out similar posts on Leuven, Ghent and Antwerp—I would like to feature some of my favorite photos of Brussels.

Brussels, the capital and largest city in Belgium, has a lot going for it, even though it may have an undeserved reputation of being a boring bureaucratic city. It is, after all, where the headquarters of the European Union and NATO are located. That put aside; Brussels is one true melting pot of cultures, being located somewhat on the border between southern Roman Europe and northern Germanic Europe.

I won’t go too much into the history of the city here—this post is focused on photography—but I do want to say something about the city’s attractions and highlights. Although there isn’t a historic medieval city center in Brussels, like in the above-mentioned Flemish cities, there are a few marvelous places to you should definitely visit.

The Town Square, for one, is arguably the most spectacular in the entire world. If you think you know a more beautiful one, I would be curious to hear where that might be! The Brussels Town Square is so stunning and of such historic value that it has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Brussels is home to a second World Heritage Site—the townhouses by Victor Horta, of which there are four dotted through the city center. Additionally, the statue of Manneken Pis might be disappointing, but it’s an attraction nonetheless. Also, make sure to visit the Atomium, the very symbol of Brussels; see the huge Royal Palace; walk the Comic Book tour; visit the magnificent St. Hubert Galleries; and stroll through the cozy restaurant-lined Rue des Bouchers.

Brussels deserves at least two days—one day to simply explore the city on foot, another day to visit the Atomium and a museum or two.

I’ve discussed the things to see in Brussels in a previous post, so now let’s cut to the chase and take a look at what Brussels actually looks like, shall we?

Top 10 Pictures of Brussels

Top 10 Pictures of Brussels: Grand-Place, Brussels
Grand-Place in Brussels, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Top 10 Pictures of Brussels: St. Michel and Gudule Cathedral
St. Michel and Gudule Cathedral
Top 10 Pictures of Brussels: Royal Palace
The massive Royal Palace
Top 10 Pictures of Brussels: Architecture in central Brussels
Architecture in Brussels
Top 10 Pictures of Brussels: Manneken Pis
Manneken Pis
Top 10 Pictures of Brussels: City Hall of Brussels
The stunning City Hall at the Grand-Place
Top 10 Pictures of Brussels: St. Hubert Galleries
St. Hubert Galleries
Top 10 Pictures of Brussels: Atomium
The iconic Atomium
Top 10 Pictures of Brussels: Royal Square, Brussels
Royal Square
Top 10 Pictures of Brussels: Parliament House in Brussels
Parliament House in Brussels

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