10 Inspiring Photos of Mostar

I already introduced the gorgeous old city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in a previous blog post. In that post, I also talked about what I think are the major highlight in the city. So in this new post, I would like to feature some of my favorite photos of Mostar, as a way to inspire you guys to, whenever you happen to be in the region, visit this UNESCO World Heritage Listed city.

Mostar is a spectacular, vibrant and colorful city, a European city that couldn’t be further removed from what people usually consider European. It is dotted with mosques, its streets lined with bazaars and Middle Eastern shops—a reminder of the city’s and country’s history of Ottoman occupation. Mostar provides an interesting change of atmosphere, especially to people who visit on day trips from Croatia.

I hope that you enjoy the top 10 photos of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, below and I truly hope that you will consider visiting the city at some point. It is absolutely worth it.

Top 10 Photos of Mostar That Will Inspire You to Visit

Top 10 Photos of Mostar: Old Bridge
Old Bridge, Mostar
Top 10 Photos of Mostar: Cobbled street
Cobbled street in the Old Town
Shop in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Typical streetside shop
Bazaar in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Turkish bazaar in the bustling Old Town
Neretva River, Mostar
Neretva River
Inside a mosque in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Inside a mosque in Mostar
Shops in minaret in the Old Town of Mostar
Shops and minaret, a typical scene
Top 10 Photos of Mostar: View of the Stari Most, Mostar
View of the Stari Most from a mosque’s minaret
Mural reminding of the war, Mostar
Mural reminding of the war
Top 10 Photos of Mostar: Cloth shop in Mostar
Cloth shop in Mostar

It is suggested that you spend two days and one night in Mostar. Although it is absolutely possible to visit on bus tours from places like Dubrovnik, Croatia, spending an evening in Mostar is amazing. This is when the hordes of day trippers will have left, the Old Town quietens down and the river and Stari Most bask in beautiful lights.

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