10 Amazing Honeymoon Destinations in the Middle East

Welcome to a distinct world of illuminated history, welcome to the Middle East.
Just Married and looking for honeymoon destinations? We are here to introduce you to a list of incredible destinations to plan your honeymoon from a whole new world, quite literally.

Middle East has for long been bogged down with its troubling history, but no more. Start your new life in the lap of history and culture blended with the contemporary sky rises and modern architectures in the Middle East.

Here are the 10 most amazing honeymoon destinations in the Middle East for you to plan your honeymoon.

Top 10 Middle East Honeymoon Destinations


One of the most sought after honeymoon destinations in the Middle East, Dubai is flocked by tourists throughout the year. Famous as a family destination, Dubai is now becoming a hot favourite of the honeymooners too. It has one of the world’s best resort and spas offering exceptional hospitality. This city of world records is your place to try the impossible, unimaginable and extraordinary adventures and make a lifetime of memories in one visit.

One of the most visited cities in the world; Dubai is the pride of UAE and has placed the country on the world map with much respect.Get hassle-free UAE visa online and hit Dubai for its desert safari, shopping festival, and record breaking architectures waiting to amaze you

Best time to visit: October to April

Must for Honeymooners:

  • An evening Dhow Cruise
  • Dubai Desert Safari (preferably with overnight camping
  • A monorail ride together, hand in hand
  • A dinner at the romantic setting of Burj Al Arab
  • A visit to Dubai Museum to know the rich history of the place
  • Shopping at the Dubai Mall
Top 10 Middle East Honeymoon Destinations: Dubai

2. Doha

Boasting of a long shoreline of Persian beaches and dunes, this capital city of Qatar is one of the favourite destinations for honeymooners in the Middle East. With numerous beautiful parks and the Corniche Promenade, the multicultural city of Doha gives you a sense of being in a world away from the world. The city most loved section is its traditional Souqs and shopping malls.

Best time to visit: November to March

Must for Honeymooners:

  • An evening stroll on the Corniche
  • Relax at the Aspire park
  • Visit the spectacle of the Katara Cultural Village
  • Go on a romantic date at the Pearl Qatar
Top 10 Middle East Honeymoon Destinations: Doha skyline in the morning
Doha skyline in the morning: Photo Francisko Anzola / CC BY 2.0

3. Muscat

For a soul gratifying waterside serenity, Muscat in Oman is your place to be in the Middle East. This port city located in the otherworldly country of Oman ideally helps you discover the warmth of tradition, culture and conservative modernism. Perfect for honeymooners looking to spend some quiet quality time together in a warm Middle Eastern city, Muscat is a great choice.

Best time to visit: October to March

Must for Honeymooners:

  • The Royal Opera house
  • See the architectural masterpiece of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
  • Take a walk at the Mutrah Corniche
  • Shop at the traditional Mutrah Souq
Top 10 Middle East Honeymoon Destinations: Muscat
Muscat: Photo xiquinhosilva / CC BY-SA 2.0

4. Manama

While it may seem to have a shell on the outside, Bahrain is a pearl when embraced with open arms. Manama still offers the reflection of its historical pride while hallmarking the modern Arabian lifestyle. A foodie’s haven and their never ending love for art attracts honeymooners in search of a balanced destination.

Best time to visit: November to February

Must for Honeymooners:

  • Take a peek into the bygone era at the Bahrain National Museum
  • Enjoy the stunning architectural masterpiece of Bahrain National Theatre
  • Eat sumptuous biryani at the hajji Gahwa
  • Shop on the warren streets of Manama Souq
Top 10 Middle East Honeymoon Destinations: Manama
Manama: Photo xiquinhosilva / CC BY-NC 2.0

5. Cairo

While Egyptians call it Umm ad-Dunya meaning ‘the Mother of the World’, Cairo instantly makes you feel at home with its spirited energy and humour. Crowded streets are a regular affair here, but the city’s tempting history, its love for antiques, and the raw oomph will certainly instigate your dormant wild side.

Best time to visit: November to March

Must for Honeymooners:

  • The incredible Pyramid of Giza and Sphinx is a must visit
  • Shop around the medieval markets of Khan- e- Khalili
  • Ensure you stay at a hotel overlooking the Nile river for stunning vistas
  • Cairo Tower, Al Qahira Fatimia Mosques for architectural brilliance

6. Abu Dhabi

This capital city of the majestic UAE is surprisingly calm and relaxed when compared to its neighbor Dubai. A city that covers its skyline with high rise structures oozing architectural brilliance in every stone- Abu Dhabi is also deeply rooted in its history. It is your place to explore the great Persian carpet, crystal chandeliers, white marble domes, and fastest roller coaster, have the highest tea in the world and still be at peace. The city has a strange and intriguing mix of record breaking attractions and a tranquil serenity.

Best time to visit: November to February

Must for Honeymooners:

  • Spend an exciting day at the Ferrari World
  • Take an Abu Dhabi heritage Village tour
  • Visit the city landmark- Emirates Palace
  • Take the romantic Dhow cruise
Top 10 Middle East Honeymoon Destinations: Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi: Photo Andrew Moore / CC BY-SA 2.0

7. Tel Aviv

This second biggest city of Israel is home to sun kissed shoreline, friendly locals obsessed with making lip- smacking food, Bauhaus era buildings, contemporary art galleries, and an infectious energy. Fall in love with artisan boutiques and blissfully gentle beaches. While a few initial days in the city of Tel Aviv can be great fun, a week can be a revelation. This is one of those honeymoon destinations in the Middle East, you just can’t miss.

Best time to visit: November to March

Must for Honeymooners:

  • Visit the ancient village of old Jaffa
  • Stroll hand in hand at Tayelet
  • Visit the old Tel Aviv Port Area
  • Enjoy shopping for local items and handicrafts at Nachlat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall
Top 10 Middle East Honeymoon Destinations: Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv: Photo JML78 / CC BY-NC 2.0

8. Beirut

This city of sun, sand, sea and sights will sure make you wonder why it often gets missed from the bucket list of travelers. This fashion conscious, overwhelmingly exciting and fast paced city is not for the relaxed kind of honeymooners. Beirut in the Lebanon is for those who want to enjoy an array of nightclubs, bars, museums, and the mouth watering smell of the streets serving late-night kebabs.

Best time to visit: April to November

Must for Honeymooners:

  • A trip to the Jeita Grotto should not be missed
  • Visit the ruins of Baalbeck or Byblos
  • Take a ‘Walk Beirut’ tour
  • Archeological Museum of Beirut is an historical gem that must be visited
Top 10 Middle East Honeymoon Destinations: Pigeons' Rock, Beirut
Pigeons’ Rock, Beirut: Photo Gilbert Sopakuwa / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

9. Riyadh

Riyadh in Saudi Arabia gives you everything what you must expect from one of the wealthiest cities in the world, yet it has a sense of belonging like no other. While the city is no less than its counterparts when it comes to embracing modernity, it still has its basics firmly rooted in the conservative Arab traditions. Once a mud- brick village, Riyadh has one of the finest hotels and resorts today and some exceptional sights to spend the first few days of your marriage.

Best time to visit: November to February

Must for Honeymooners:

  • Visit the breathtaking Kingdom Center tower
  • Discover the highlights of the Saudi Arabia National Museum
  • Take a detour through history at Masmak Citadel
  • Enjoy Wadi Hanifah
Top 10 Middle East Honeymoon Destinations: Riyadh's Kingdom Tower
Riyadh’s Kingdom Tower: Photo Wajahat Mahmoud / CC BY-SA 2.0

10. Jeddah

A nostalgic testament of the era bygone, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia boasts of exceptionally beautiful coral architectures, bustling traditional Souqs, upscale shopping choices and finger- licking seafood. A favorite spot of the amateurs and seasoned scuba divers alike, the city borders the Red sea and boasts of sun kissed coastline and with pristine waters. Pass by the traditional coral homes while on your way to contemporary resorts, and admire the cosmopolitan mix of its inhabitants making the place a treat for people watchers.

Best time to visit: October to March

Must for Honeymooners:

  • Visit the extensive Souq Al Alawi
  • Cherish a delicious Turkish and Lebanese meal at Yildizlar
  • Walk along at the Corniche
  • Take a look at the historic architecture of Sharbatly house
Top 10 Middle East Honeymoon Destinations: Mosque On Water, jeddah
Mosque On Water: Photo Almas Baig / CC BY 2.0

With so many choices for honeymooners in the Middle East, it’s safe to say that the Western countries now have a tough competitor and will have to make double the effort to attract tourists. These Middle Eastern destinations are gearing up to leave their turbulent past behind and embrace the world with open arms.

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