Irish Roads and Streets – A Photographic Impression

As famous as Ireland may be for its green countryside, wild mountains, stunning coastline, and countless ruins and other heritage sites, it’s the rural villages, cities and streets that complete the undeniable charm of this island nation.

The Irish roads and streets, lined with colorful row houses, the occasional old church or cathedral, and the unavoidable pubs, are as typical of Ireland as, say, the Outback is of Australia and the fjords are of Norway—just to name a couple of places.

When visiting the Emerald Isle, you will without a shadow of doubt find yourself strolling the streets of a village, town or city.

During my time in Ireland, I visited plenty of towns and cities—examples are Dublin, Galway, Cork and, my favorite, Kilkenny. During road trips through the countryside or along the coast, I drove through several others as well. (Check out this post on the Ring of Kerry, for instance.)

Now, I’d like to share some of my ten all-time favorite pictures of the Irish streets, pictures that I hope reflect the ambiance, atmosphere, and general historical and cultural value of those urban highlights.

Top 10 Irish Streets Photos

Colorful Pubs in Kilkenny

Top 10 Irish Streets Photos: Colourful Pubs in Kilkenny
Colourful pubs in Kilkenny

Narrow Street in Cork

Top 10 Irish Streets Photos: Narrow Street in Cork
Narrow street in Cork

Temple Bar Pub in Dublin

Top 10 Irish Streets Photos: Temple Bar in Dublin
Temple Bar in Dublin

Colorful Rows of Houses in Galway

Top 10 Irish Streets Photos: Galway Houses
Colorful rows of houses in Galway

Gaelic Cross in Cashel

Top 10 Irish Streets Photos: Gaelic Cross in Cashel
Gaelic cross in Cashel

Cork City Center

Top 10 Irish Streets Photos: Cork City Center
Cork City Center

Pubs in Kenmare

Top 10 Irish Streets Photos: Pubs in Kenmare
Pubs in Kenmare

Houses in Cong

Top 10 Irish Streets Photos: Houses in Cong
Houses in Cong

St Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny

Top 10 Irish Streets Photos: St Mary's Cathedral, Kilkenny
St Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny

The best way to get around the streets of Ireland is by renting a car and exploring the country at your own pace. Places to stay are plentiful and range from hostels to luxurious stays in castles. Great accommodation can be found here.

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