Top 10 Strangest Bars in the World

Whether you’re sipping on a glass of wine, guzzling a beer or draining the last of your mocktail, happy hour is a lot more fun when you’re in unusual surroundings. From bars made entirely out of ice and lounges decorated in bones to hospital-themed pubs  and watering holes more literal than you’d imagine, it doesn’t get much stranger than these ten.

Top 10 Bars in the World: The Strangest

1 Bicicleta Bar, Bucharest

Located inside a historical building in Bucharest, Romania; Bicicleta is made almost entirely out of bicycle parts. From bar stools and lighting to table decoration and artwork – it’s all made out of British bicycles from the 1930s.

Top 10 bars in the world: Bicicleta Bar in Romania
Bicicleta Bar via Facebook

2 The Ice Bar, Quebec City

Set within the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, Canada this ice bar isn’t like just any other ice bar you’d come across in a major city. The bar, along with the hotel, is reconstructed every year out of 30,000 tonnes of snow and 500 tonnes of ice which take 50 workers six weeks to put together.

Top 10 bars in the world: Chapel in the Ice Bar in Quebec City, Canada
Chapel in the Ice Bar via Flickr, Louise Leclerc CC 2.0

3 Sunland Baobab, Limpopo

Whilst tree house accommodation was all the rage a few years ago, things have moved on in 2015 – now in-tree bars are the big thing. And it doesn’t get much bigger than the 1,060-year-old 10.64m-diameter Sunland Baobab in Limpopo, South Africa.

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Top 10 bars in the world: Sunland Baobab
Sunland Baobab via TripAdvisor, Werner P

4 H.R. Giger Bar, Gruyere

Best known for his creative design work for the “Alien” films, H. R. Giger went to town with his namesake bar in Gruyere, Switzerland, decorating it with vertebrae-like vaulted ceilings, skeletal chairs and bizarrely head-focused statues.

Top 10 bars in the world: Head-flanked booth at H.R. Giger Bar in Switzerland
Head-flanked booth at H.R. Giger Bar via Flickr, Mabel Lamour CC 2.0

5 The Clinic Bar, Singapore

With wheelchair seating, hospital bed dining, operation room lighting and nurses serving your drinks through IVs, this one-of-a-kind bar in Singapore is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Top 10 bars in the world: Wheelchair seating at the Clinic Bar
Wheelchair seating at the Clinic Bar via Flickr, Anne Murray CC 2.0

6 Alux Caverna Lounge, Playa del Carmen

This magical bar in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is nestled into a cavern crafted by nature over thousands of years, complete with authentic stalactites, flowstones and colourful mood lighting. A great place to dine after visiting Rio Secreto Caves.

Top 10 bars in the world: Alux Caverna Lounge in Mexico
Alux Caverna Lounge via Alux Caverna Restaurant

7 Red Sea Star Bar, Eilat

Thanks to this innovative bar in Eilat, Israel which plunges down 5m below the water’s surface, you can dine on fish whilst watching them swim right by your table just outside the window.

Top 10 bars in the world: Red Sea Star Bar
Red Sea Star Bar via Virtual Tourist

8 Modern Toilet, Taipei

From toilet seating and tables made of sinks to toilet-shaped serving dishes and indescribable-looking chocolate ice cream, you simply cannot get away from the bathroom theme at this inconceivable restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan.

Top 10 bars in the world: Meal at Modern Toilet
Meal at Modern Toilet via Flickr, Andrea Hale CC 2.0

9 Kayabukiya Tavern, Utsunomiya

Situated in Utsunomiya one hour outside Tokyo, this bar beats all the others in Asia for a concept so bizarre that travellers still can’t get their heads around it even after a bottle of sake – monkey waiters. That’s right – make a reservation here and you’ll be waited on by monkeys who take down your drinks orders and bring your food.

10 Das Klo Bar, Berlin

A confusing blend of theme park, zoo and flea market, this bar in Berlin, Germany has so much going on that it’s impossible to take it all in. Red wine served in blood transfusion packs, rotating bar stools, electric shocks from tables, novelty hammers which slam down randomly, water sprinklers, rocks falling from the ceiling and a seating choice of toilets or coffins are just some of the pleasant things you can expect here.

Top 10 Bars in the World: Das Klo Bar
Das Klo Bar via Das Klo Bar

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