Toledo: A Look Around

I visited to Toledo in the fall of 2012, as a day trip from Madrid. I had seen pretty much all Madrid had to offer and wanted to see more of the surrounding area. Despite being November, it was still hot in central Spain. That’s definitely something to like!

Toledo Spain Attractions:  Toledo at Nightfall
Toledo at Nightfall

Toledo Spain Attractions

Located about 70 kilometers from the Spanish capital, Toledo is a city steeped with history. The high-speed train ride between the two cities takes less than an hour and costs only a little more than 20 euros (at the time). A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this old medieval city is a center for religion in Spain, and still a ‘stronghold’ of the Spanish Church. In the heart of the city there are still several churches, synagogues and mosques. It was great fun walking around in this old maze of a city center; it consists of dozens of narrow alleyways crisscrossing the city and ending at unexpected little plazas and patios. Toledo is situated on top of a hill, overlooking the Tagus River and the surrounding Spanish countryside.

Toledo Spain Attractions: Narrow Alleyway in Toledo
Narrow Alleyway

Toledo’s incredibly rich history – it used to be the capital of Spain until the mid-1500s – has given it the nicknames of ‘Imperial City’ and ‘City of Three Cultures’ for its successful co-existence of the three major religions. A fun and fascinating part of the city’s history is its production of swords and blades. Swords forged in Toledo are of world-class quality and can now be bought as souvenirs.

Toledo Spain Attractions: Toledo Swords
Toledo Swords

A highlight of the Toledo Spain attractions is the Alcazar fortress, located at the highest point in the city. The Cathedral of Toledo may be the most significant landmark, dating back to the 13th century and place of worship of the Toledo Cardinals whose paintings can be seen inside. In addition, there are a few excellent museums, as well as many craft shops and nice restaurants.

Toledo Spain Attractions: Alcazar and Cathedral in Toledo.
Alcazar and Cathedral in Toledo.

What I did was just strolling around, getting lost in the maze of beautiful medieval alleyways and stumbling upon the most picturesque plazas.

When staying in Madrid, a visit to nearby Toledo is an absolute must-do. I actually liked it better than Madrid itself, so next time I will book a hotel in Toledo!

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