Tips to avoid being robbed while traveling

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Though traveling can be a beautiful experience, it can be ruined with a mishap like robbery, attack or getting stuck somewhere. You can take measures to avoid such experiences, especially when traveling internationally. Here are some tips to avoid being robbed while traveling.

Know your destination

Travelers often make checklists of things to do and places to visit at their destination. But many forget to check crime facts and status. It’s always good to have an idea about the destination. There are places that are very safe to visit and are welcoming to strangers, but there are places that are not. Get an idea about the country you plan to visit. A local travel agency can help.

Travel light

If you have a lot of luggage, the chances are higher to miss a bag or get robbed. You can’t pay attention to several bags, so the best practice is to limit yourself to just one. You can add a smaller bag for important documents and essential items. That’s one simple way to avoid being robbed while traveling.

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Don’t display valuables

Don’t show off valuables while you travel; it may attract unwanted attention. Carry only the money required for traveling. Keep an eye on gadgets like cameras, phones and laptops when you’re not using them. Don’t leave your belongings on the table in a restaurant while waiting for food or going to the restroom. Always be careful and keep a checklist in your mind about the things you are carrying around.

Take extra care at night

Nights can be risky, especially in unfamiliar places. If you are walking outside at night, be careful to keep your wallet and other valuables safe. It’s best to have company while roaming. Usually, nights are less crowded and places can be isolated. If you must be out alone, make sure to inform someone by phone or online that you are out. Arrange a time to check in. You can also share your live location with your close ones.

Attitude and body language

While you are traveling, maintain a confident attitude and body language. Otherwise, you may attract attention from antisocial elements looking for prey. Stay calm and don’t let on even if you get lost. Take a minute and try not to look nervous. Make yourself comfortable and communicate with someone trustworthy to help you find your way back.

People at a table holding alcoholic drinks; avoid getting robbed while traveling

Don’t get drunk

To avoid being robbed while traveling, only drink if you think you are in a safe and secure place and company. One can fall easy victim to robbery in a drunken state. Moreover, chances are high to lose track of your belongings. Many robberies involve drunkenness.

Beware of strangers

The best and worst part of traveling is meeting new people. One should be very careful in making acquaintance with strangers. It may be hard to accurately judge the people in another country. To avoid being robbed while traveling, we wary of random strangers approaching you. Differences in physical features and clothing attract the attention of locals. Be vigilant about your environment when you are on an international tour.

Always keep copies of documents

Make sure to keep at least three to four copies of your documents in different places. Though documents are not the primary intention of robbers, they may be lost along with your valuables. Keep a copy on you, another copy in a backpack and another in the hotel room. Also, keep a scanned copy of your documents on your mobile.

Man holding cell phone with laptop on table; avoid getting robbed while traveling

Backup your data and check your mobile security settings

Gadgets are the most important targets of robbers these days. Always make sure to keep a backup of data and important contacts. Make sure to synchronize your mobile with Google security or similar options. You may not able to be able to avoid being robbed, but at least you can limit the loss when it comes to electronic gadgets.

Mock wallet

Keep a wallet with you that has expired credit cards and currency of lower denomination. You can hand over the mock wallet to make a robber think they are obtaining a valuable. This may save you for the time being and can help you avoid being robbed while traveling.

Local language

Learn at least a few words in the local language to seek help when you are on an international tour. This can help you in case of emergency. A few words like “help” and “please” should be learned for handling an emergency situation.

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