How To Plan Your Dream Wedding In Bali, Indonesia

A magnificent island famous for its ostentatious venues, stunning cliffs, deluxe resorts, and easy going lifestyle, it is no wonder that Bali is the perfect place to have your dream wedding. Many couples opt for a wedding in Bali because they can experience a unique wedding with all the amenities needed for a reception in one place. Here are the essentials that you have to consider before organizing your magical day on this Indonesian gem.

wedding in Bali,Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Indonesia
Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Indonesia

6 Tips to Help You Plan a Dream Wedding in Bali

1. Set up a decent budget

Since you are planning a wedding abroad, there are a few things to focus on your checklist. The most important thing is the budget. There are numerous beautiful luxury villas and venues to choose from in Bali, but you need to have a steady budget. Make sure that you have everything into account: how many guests would you have, whether you would pay their airplane ticket and accommodation, the wedding planner, cake, music and so on. The good thing is that prices range for a wedding in Bali between 4000 to 8000 AUD, so the island is perfect for anyone’s budget.

2. Enlist an expert wedding planner

While organizing a wedding itself is a hard job, imagine the work needed for planning and holding one abroad. Bali offers a variety of venues and stunning location with a laid-back atmosphere, and there is nothing better than arriving there without a worry on your mind. Avoid the frustration of doing everything by yourself and find great Bali wedding packages which include planning a custom wedding and doing the fantastic job instead of you. An experienced wedding planner will use their on-site connection and hands-on knowledge to make your wedding dream come true.

wedding in Bali,man holding leaves

3. Clear up the regularities

Before eloping and indulging into this wonderful island, bear in mind that every single country has different rules and regularities. Know that there will be some paperwork requirements, and there are multiple religions there so you have to think ahead. You can ask your wedding planner how the legal management works in Bali, but there are actually two ways that you can get married. You can have an official legal ceremony, where you bring all your documents and follow certain procedures. The other option is only to have a symbolic ceremony and handle the legal matter back home.

4. Deciding on the right season and the venue

wedding in Bali,red dress

After sorting out the necessary legal things, then the time has come to pick a date. If your desire is to have an indoor reception, then the date and the season don’t play a significant role. On the other hand, if you want to catch Bali’s astonishing sunshine and the beauty of the surrounding, then you should have your wedding during the dry season. By organizing a wedding from April to October you will get the most of the island’s sensational wonders and you would have many other things to do. Not only that, but you would have the opportunity to choose the venues for your special day and not hesitate.

5. Choosing the venue

If you have decided to get the most out of Bali and have your wedding between May and October, then you have to think hard and choose the venue wisely. Bali has a lot of outstanding jaw-dropping sites for your ceremony, but for an outdoor wedding, the beach is a must. Bali’s shorelines are public, so consult with your wedding planner where to go. Plus, you can rent an entire villa and have everything there. That option is rather affordable and you sign a contract, make a down-payment so you are safe to go without any worries. For church or temple wedding in Bali you should check in advance whether they hold weddings for foreign visitors.

wedding in Bali,Saraswati Temple
Saraswati Temple

6. Don’t forget about the little things

You probably wouldn’t need a specific theme since the wedding in Bali is already a huge thing. However, if you happen to want a theme wedding, consider implementing local traditions and customs. Next, the traffic in Bali is absolutely hectic, so if you need to have something taken care of making sure that you start on time. Getting a local-based wedding planner will save you a headache since, in the end, you need to dedicate some time for yourself and enjoy your newlywed life.

There are still many things to consider when planning a wedding. All in all, having the right planner would save you time and money so your only job would be to completely enjoy.

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