Tips on How to Eliminate Stress from Business Travel

Traveling is stressful by its very definition. You are committed to move from point A to point B and fulfill certain requirements along the way, that will make the entire experience both possible. The sheer number of parameters you have to think about when you are going on a business trip puts a lot of pressure on anyone. In order to make this experience as smooth as possible; here are some basic, but useful tips on how to eliminate stress from business travel for your next overseas trip.

Tips on How to Eliminate Stress from Business Travel

Tips on How to Eliminate Stress from Business Travel

Documentation first, plus backup

Documents like ID, passport plus visa, maybe a driver’s license and health insurance should be on the top of your list of worries once the business trip is placed on your schedule. The company itself will deal with most of the logistics; but you have to make sure that you secure your documentation, especially if you are travelling abroad. This is why it is prudent, for stress free business travel, to create backups.

First of all, you should create hard copies of your documents; put them in a water-proof folder or a bag and place them on the bottom of your travel bag. Ideally, you will never be in a situation where you have to pull them out again; but should the occasion arise, it can be a lifesaver if you are trapped in a foreign country.

Second, there is an option to store digital copies of your required documentation on a USB drive. This is good additional backup in the case of extraordinary circumstances that both the original and the first backup slip through your fingers. You should probably attach the USB to your keychain or your suitcase; so you won’t have to worry about losing it.

Pack very light and think functional

The golden rule of business travel is to pack light and only add essential amenities that have a crucial function during your trip. Surprisingly, the biggest stumbling block of most travelling employees worldwide is still the fact that they bring too much baggage along.

The more you bring the less functional your trip will be. You will always have to be worried about more than several moving parts when it comes to luggage; and you will exponentially increase your chance of losing something for good. What if you lose a suitcase with important work-related items? What if you lose a travelling bag with documentation?

Your business travelling luggage should consist of no more than one medium-sized travel bag that looks distinct; and (at most) one additional handbag, a suitcase or a backpack that will stay with you and contain all the items you need to have within reach.

Furthermore, always bring along several items that can make your life much easier depending on the location you are visiting. If you are travelling from a cold and rainy city to a tropical environment, it’s advisable to bring along custom made promotional hats with the logo of your company for sun protection and easy recognition by the welcoming party, plus a pair of sunglasses for the strong sun.

Look for your own jetlag cure

Experienced business travelers will tell you that the key to the smoothest work trip is to find your own jetlag cure. Time zone difference can really wear you down; and it can trigger a domino effect of chronic exhaustion and weakened immunity.

Most common solutions for this go as follows – regular naps throughout the trip, sleeping through flights, hydrating consistently, eating only the lightest meals or taking vitamins and Melatonin. Start an online search for best advice based on the plethora of experience other business travelers have accumulated if you want to avoid going through the “trial and error” period.

Always book everything you can in advance

In order to turn your business trips into a breeze, you have to always book everything you can in advance, and in order to do this properly, you really need to open a line of communication with your company’s HR department.

Make a list of basic things that always need to be reserved; and always be open and honest with your employers. Every single reservation needs to come with physical confirmation and bills. When you check in and check out, make sure you get the bill and inspect the dates before you leave.

Likewise, the company should ask for digital updates of certain movements and reservations from third parties; it will make your life easier. Let everyone know the “big guys” stand behind you; and the trip itself will be more easily manageable.

There are several attributes that are associated with business travel – frantic, confusing, hectic, filled with responsibilities. Every employee that is required to travel often enough will tell you these attributes add up to some lingering effects on one’s health, like sleeping disorders, unhealthy diet and chronic pain. However, it is also in your power to streamline this experience at least to an extent; and make it as smooth as possible. These tips should help you start turning your business travel into a manageable, if not pleasant, experience.

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