Hosting Hostel Rooms: Decorate to Impress

It’s easy to decorate a couple of rooms in a small hostel and appeal to a small guest list. When you’re managing a sizable hostel with numerous rooms and plenty of accommodation; trying to appeal to the modern traveller, things tend to get a bit more complicated. How do you diversify the design? You prevent monotony from settling into each room; and present a professional yet appealing image to such a large number of guests. And all of that while staying within the budget parameters. Here’s how you can decorate while hosting hostel rooms to impress every guest.

u hostel,madrid,spain. Hosting hostel Rooms
U Hostel, Madrid – first time in a mixed dorm with 8 people: Photo on Flickr by wildbindi / CC BY-ND 2.0

Decoration Tips for Hosting Hostel Rooms

Decorate the walls but don’t clutter them

A hostel is like a young, rebellious son (or daughter) of an old hotel – it’s laid-back, innovative, and it uses a different approach to touch the hearts and minds of its demographic. When it comes to styling a room for maximum impact, a hostel manager should start with the decor on the walls, and how it sets the tone in every space.

While you should avoid repetitiveness in every room; meaning no two works of art should be the same, it’s important for the artwork on the walls to follow a certain pattern that corresponds with the identity and image of your brand. Another thing that can, and should, separate you from the competition is the uniqueness of this artwork. Instead of traditional paintings, consider photographs, murals, stencils, motivational posters, dream catchers, and everything in between.

Create a homey vibe with added seating decor

A hostel room is a place of socialisation, a bit of partying, and plenty of positive vibes. As such, it should step away from the traditional chair-and-bed concept and instead embrace the concept of a grand seating area.

This doesn’t mean buying a sectional for every room. But rather it means inspiring mingling and conversation with the strategic use of throw pillows, bean bags, and artistic chairs – designed by local artists, perhaps. A few additions such as these will effortlessly bring people together; and spread the word of your hostel as the go-to place for socialisation; and just good old fun in a positive setting.

Hosting hostel Rooms. Quartier Hostel in Potsdam, Berlin
Quartier Hostel in Potsdam, Berlin: Image on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

It’s all in the colours and their aesthetic appeal

One of the most important elements of an impressive hostel with numerous rooms; one that can add tremendous value and aesthetic appeal to every space without putting a dent in your budget, is colour. Colours play a vital role in how your interior is perceived and experienced by the guest. So a great idea is to inquire with commercial painting pros to find out which colour scheme would work best for every room, and then repaint the entire interior efficiently and effectively – that means without wasting time or money.

In a big hostel, you cannot afford to fall behind your competitors while hosting hostel rooms. Unlike a small business, time will be of the essence. As the guests keep coming in on a daily basis, every room needs to be ready at a moment’s notice. So it’s not just about the ideal colour on the walls. It’s also about how quickly you can paint each room.

Introduce vibrant natural elements

Natural elements are an essential part of every modern interior. And they should play the leading role in a hostel room if you want to bring in that homey, serene vibe into the setting. What was once a bland hostel room is bound to become a vibrant and inspiring oasis with the simple use of potted plants and strategic flower arrangements.

Not only will this help keep the air in every room clean; but by placing plants such as Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Ferns, and Cacti on the windowsills, shelves, and tables, you will have no problem creating a natural oasis your guests will adore.

Sitting Room, Mandragora Hostel, Budapest. Hosting hostel Rooms
Sitting Room at Mandragora Hostel, Budapest: Photo on Flickr by Heather Cowper / CC BY 2.0

Optimise the sleeping area for rest and relaxation

Last but not least, there is a need to optimise the sleeping area for maximum comfort while hosting hostel rooms. And remember, it’s not just about the mattress (although it does need to be comfy and durable). It’s also about the decorations on the bed, as well as its surroundings.

Consider adding comfy throw pillows to the two main ones, and interesting linens to boot. Another excellent addition would be a creative bedside table boasting a small lamp with an ornate lampshade; and a traditional bedside alarm clock. Lastly, be sure to introduce a fluffy landing rug for added comfort and aesthetics.

Decorating every hostel room to be different than the last, yet equally appealing to the modern traveller is not exactly an easy task. Nevertheless, you can easily draw inspiration from these creative tips; and discover your own ideal design theme that will echo throughout the industry and attract new business for years to come.

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