Ocean Cruises Without the Blues with Kids

If your holidays took a quantum leap in the wrong direction after you had the kids, that’s because children are after instant gratification and can’t wait when they want something, now. They try us out with temper tantrums and wails of ‘mummy when are we getting there’ and ‘I’m bored’. We book our plane seats early so we are on the aisle closest to the loo. There has to be a better way to holiday with kids, and that’s ocean cruises with fun for everyone. Here are some tips for cruising with kids.

Tips for Cruising with Kids: Kids Playing Basketball
Kids Playing Basketball: Photo Connie MaCC BY-SA 2.0

Ocean Cruises Not Just for Teens

Ocean cruises are not just for teens. If anything, they are more exciting for our little ones, because for them the giant ship is a seemingly never-ending series of exciting discoveries created for them by people with understanding minds. Our first tip is hardly worth repeating: Beware the buffet tables stacked with sweets and puddings. We continue with two more ideas you may not have thought about yet.

Ocean Cruises
Kids Pool: Photo Adam Jakubiak / CC BY 2.0

Tips for Cruising with Kids

Idea # 1: Go On Shore at Every Opportunity – But Watch the Costs

Cruise liners make good money from passengers on ocean cruises who want their days laid out for them, even when on shore. Those who like to be a little different, Google ahead of their cruises and discover things to do away from their fellow passengers. The Bay of Naples, for example has a wonderful pedestrianised boulevard. Neapolitan ice cream made with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavours makes a perfect buffet along the way and you can hire bicycles. Imagine how envious passengers at your table will be when their hear your story!

Tips for Cruising with Kids: Cycling Along Naples' Promenade
Cycling Along Naples’ Promenade: Photo Nicola / CC BY 2.0

Idea # 2: Spend Time Together as a Family

While parents may want to separate to watch variety shows, teens to indulge in shipboard crushes, and youngsters to spend their mornings in computer games rooms, the family does still need to get together for an hour a day on ocean cruises. Every cruise ship has a special place where board games and puzzles await discovery. Oh what fun: does anybody have the missing edge pieces? We don’t have to finish it, we just need to enjoy the moment.

Ocean Cruises
Home Town Puzzle: Photo Connie Ma / CC BY-SA 2.0

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