How to Become a Renowned Traveler

Traveling gives you a taste of culture and broadens your perspective of humanity. You’re able to do things like hiking the Matterhorn or climbing Mount Everest. You can zip line through Costa Rica or walk through the hobbit towns in New Zealand. The world has endless possibilities for travelers. To get you started, here are 5 steps to put you on your path to become a renowned traveler one day.

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5 Tips on How to Become a Renowned Traveler

1. Save Up the Money

If you want to travel, the first thing you’ll need to do is save up for it because it’s not cheap. There are people who can get paid to travel through travel blogs or vlogs but it’s nearly impossible to start off famous enough to get your travels paid for. For those of you who know that you’ll probably start off on the bottom of the totem pole, you’ll need to save up the money.

While you are traveling, record your experiences and start a YouTube channel about it. If you have a good quality camera and a likable personality, you’ll find that soon you’ll be paid to go to the places you love. Save up enough for your first few traveling experiences. Work a little overtime and put most of your money into savings. Pretty soon you’ll find that you have enough to make it over to the hot springs in Iceland.

2. Find a Reliable Travel Companion

Traveling is fun, but it’s more fun when you have someone to enjoy it with. You’ll need someone to take your picture leaping off Furore Bridge in Italy.  To find a good traveling companion, first talk to your best friend. There’s usually a reason why that person is your best friend. You have a lot in common and you both love to go out on adventures. Ask your best friend to be your traveling companion and you can’t go wrong. If, for whatever reason, they can’t then you need to start looking around for someone who can. Maybe it’s a family member, a cousin, your favorite aunt, or your dog. Whoever it is, make sure it’s someone who you’ll be able to get along with for long periods of time.

3. Get to Know the Cultures of the Places You Want to Go

You might think that the point of traveling is to get to know the culture once you’re already there but that’s not quite right. You will find that your experience is so much more enriching if you know the history of the people and possibly even their language. If you can speak even a few words of their language, you will find that you are more than welcomed into the community. The locals will be able to show you the best places to eat and pretty soon you’ll be able to find a good restaurant simply by the Hoshizaki ice machine they use. Knowing the culture beforehand makes each conversation richer and every experience mean so much more.

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4. Learn What It is to be a Minimalist

If you’re traveling a lot you don’t want to be lugging heavy luggage from place to place. Think about how much easier it would be to just have the bag that you’re carrying on your back and that’s it. That is what being a minimalist is about. Learn how to condense your life into the bare minimum so that while you’re traveling, your stuff will be the last thing you need to worry about. Follow the example of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus when they took their 21-day journey into minimalism. They packed up the essentials in their lives and cut the unneeded baggage. Becoming a minimalism makes it easy to drop everything and travel (because there’s really nothing that you need to drop).

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5. Live Your Dreams and  Become a Renowned Traveler

Now you’re ready to buy that plane ticket and take off. Let the worries of working and stress roll off your shoulders as soon as you step foot into the airport. You’re taking hold of the dream that you’ve had ever since you were just a kid.  Enjoy it and enjoy the road to become a renowned traveler.

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