Three Most Beautiful South African Places

South Africa likes to market itself as the world in one country. Perhaps it is, although I could be just a little biased as I live here. I have three of the most beautiful South African places to share. I am not putting them in any particular order. I am writing spontaneously as I think back to some of the best places I have seen.

Most Beautiful South African Places to See While You Can

My memory goes back a way for I am a baby boomer born just after World War 2. Much has changed of course, and this has not always been on the side of nature. The places I have chosen are pretty much as they were fifty years ago, and for all I know for millions and millions of years before then. Shall we begin our journey? Shall we step inside a virtual time machine?

Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Not much has changed or ever will at least for a while, since a sailing ship with a cargo of coffee beans foundered here who knows when. There is talk of a highway coming that will pass not far away from Coffee Bay. Visit the golden coves and steep green hillsides while you can. Make friends with local Xhosa people. Bring everything you need to be self-sufficient including a 4×4 with diff lock.

Beautiful South African Places : Coffee Bay
Coffee Bay: John Rawlinson BY CC BY 2.0

Valley of Desolation, Camdeboo National Park

Nature has been building the dolerite columns and vertical cliffs stand guard over the Valley of Desolation in the Eastern Cape since time began. Access is by car from either Grahamstown or Graaf-Reinet on tarred roads. Entrance fees are modest on cross rates. Once you enter and park your car rental, you are free to roam.

Beautiful South African Places: Valley of Desolation
Valley of Desolation: Michael Clarke BY CC BY-SA 2.0

The Kloofs of the Magaliesberg Low Mountain Chain

We call out ravines ‘kloofs’. Don’t ask me why. Possibly, it refers to nature cleaving the earth apart with primeval force. This place of extraordinary beauty in the Pilanesberg National Park is just fifty kilometres from the sprawling capital city of Pretoria. Despite this, it is possible to climb many of the low mountains without seeing a single other person. We have many more most beautiful South African places to share. You will find affordable hotel prices on the cross rates.

Beautiful South African Places: The Kloofs of the Magaliesberg Low Mountain Chain
The Kloofs of the Magaliesberg Low Mountain Chain: Tracy Robb BY CC BY-SA 3.0

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Richard FarrellI tripped over a shrinking bank balance and fell into the writing gig unintentionally. This was after I escaped the corporate world and searched in vain for ways to become rich on the internet by doing nothing. Despite the fact that writing is no recipe for wealth, I rather enjoy it. I will deny I am obsessed with it when I have the time.My base is Umtentweni in South Africa on the Kwazulu-Natal South Coast (30.7167° S, 30.4667° E). I work from home where I ponder on the future of the planet, and what lies beyond in the great hereafter. Sometimes I step out of my computer into the silent riverine forests, and empty golden beaches for which the area is renowned.

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