This is Why You Should Visit Croatia

Croatia can be considered the most beautiful country in Europe. Its unique location, endless natural wonders, beautiful scenery, and perfect climate attract people from all walks of life making the country a top travel destination in Europe. There are many reasons why Croatia is turning into a travel hot spot and why you should visit Croatia. Check it out for your next vacation.

Why you should visit Croatia

Waterfall at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
Waterfall at Plitvice Lakes

Amazing Hidden Beaches and Stunning Secret Caves

Renting a boat to go explore the gorgeous beaches located near caves as well as the secret green and blue caves in Hvar is another reason why a visit to Croatia should be on top of your bucket list. The green cave has pristine green waters which are good for swimming; while the extensive blue cave lets you see waters vividly and clearly as you snap some of the best photos you have ever taken. Hidden beaches like Stiniva Bay which is only accessible by boat also makes for a memorable day trip.

Croatia Has an Intriguing History

Croatia fuels discovery and intrigue even in the most traveled person. It is home to historical sites and ancient ruins; such as the Dubrovnik’s medieval walls, Brijuni park, the Roman ruins and the Byzantine ruins. Dubrovnik is a charming offers views of the Adriatic sea and the city’s beautiful architecture and fortresses. Among the ancient walls, temples, and columns that were once the Roman empire’s home; you will find restaurants, shops, and bars lying within the ruined palace.

Dubrovnik City, Croatia
Dubrovnik City

Yacht Week

If you thought that only the rich can explore sea waters on a yacht; a visit to Croatia will prove you wrong. Croatia organizes an event for you to explore the country’s breathtaking sea waters with your friends. All you and your friends have to do is select a yacht and the week you wish to go exploring and the yacht team will take care of everything else. On your day of adventure, the yacht will take you to hidden caves and beaches, the open sea, party beaches and so much more. Sailing the sea on a yacht while making stops at all the beautiful sea features sounds like a dream! But it can come true on your next visit to Croatia.

Combined Beach Life with Soaring Mountains

Croatia boasts of breathtaking beaches and momentous mountains from where you can see so much of the country’s fascinating nature. The Biokovo mountain range lies a few miles from Adriatic sea and there is a trail from the beach resort of Makarska to the peak of Sveti Jure on the Biokovo ranges. It’s always an unforgettable experience to go up the trail and then head down for a dip in the sea.

Rovinj, reflections,adriatic sea, croatia
Reflections at Rovinj

Exquisite Cities and Charming Towns

Despite its small size, Croatia is home to major cities and small towns that offer great landscape to explore. The cities and towns still maintain much of their historical charm giving you a feel of the country’s authentic culture. Coffee lovers will also find Croatian cities and towns irresistible with coffee cafes everywhere offering coffee. The sea towns also have delicious Croatian cuisine in abundance.

Croatia offers a perfect combination of natural beauty, intriguing history, fresh seafood and affordable Croatia accommodation for all. Best of all, a vacation to Croatia offers plenty of scenery, charm, and sunshine with low price tags since they have favorably cheap couriers and affordable hotels for your accommodation.

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