Things You Should Know Before Your First Aussie Road Trip

As exciting as a new adventure may be, without having been on a road trip before, it’s best to know what’s to come before your thrilling new experience. After choosing the best car, planning your route and accommodation, there’s a lot more to consider for the ride to your destination.

Things to know for your Aussie Road Trip: Nullarbor Plain SA
Nullarbor Plain SA: Photo on Flickr by Chris Fithall / CC BY 2.0

Here’s a few things you should know before your first Aussie Road Trip, that I discovered on my recent first 12 hour road journey to Jindabyne.

Things to know for your Aussie Road Trip

Your favourite songs may turn into your worst nightmare

Organise more than one playlist before your trip to switch it up during the ride. Although the bunch of you might love to sing along to ‘Sorry’, there’s only so many times you can listen to it before you start to feel sorry for yourself. Pick out some classics and a few new interesting playlists to keep the ride full of energy.

Things to know for your Aussie Road Trip: On the road
On the road: Image source: Gorentals

There’s roadkill. Lots of it.

As there are many cars, there’ll be many roadkills. Although it may be disturbing sight, it’s important to keep that in mind. There’ll be many distractions on the road so it’s important to keep yourself well rested and take as many rest stops as you need to stay alert. Stop by a small town every now and then and you’ll be surprised what you can find. 

Things to know for your Aussie Road Trip: Palace Hotel, Broken Hill NSW
Palace Hotel, Broken Hill NSW: Photo on Flickr by Simon Yeo / CC BY 2.0

Your phone will need to recharge as much as you do

Remember to bring extra chargers and portable batteries to keep your electrical devices up and running. Music, navigation, entertainment and cameras all need to be covered to ensure an enjoyable and resourceful road trip.

Things to know for your Aussie Road Trip: Image source: Jimbo
Image source: Jimbo

You’re not yourself when you’re hungry

Or thirsty, for a matter of fact. Remember to pack the car full with loads of everyone’s favourite snacks and a boot full of bottled water so everyone stays happy and hydrated.

Things to know for your Aussie Road Trip: Take your favourite snacks
Take your favourite snacks

You’ll get a little lost, and things won’t go as planned

And it’ll be a load of fun! As much as you plan, spontaneity what makes a road trip memorable. Sometimes the scenery will just be too breathtaking or the town will look too welcoming to just pass by. Don’t be afraid to go off the route just by a tad to truly enjoy the wonders of Australia.

Things to know for your Aussie Road Trip: Milky Way at Kununurra WA
Milky Way at Kununurra WA: Photo on Flickr by Rodney Campbell / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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