Things to do in Zurich Switzerland

Zurich, the capital of the canton of Zurich and the largest city in Switzerland is a special city to visit; with plenty of things to do in Zurich Switzerland. It is set on the edge of Lake Zurich, (Zurichsee) surrounded by snow topped alps, and divided into the new and old town of Zurich, with a footbridge joining it over the lake. From the moment you get off the train at the busy station situated at the start of the elegant main street of Zurich, (Bahnhofstrasse); you experience the magnetism of the magic that Switzerland offers those people visiting it.

Things to do in Zurich Switzerland - Augustinergasse
Augustinergasse in Zurich

The Bahnhofstrasse

 This long street full of boutiques showing the latest fashions, department stores, exciting and beautiful displays from little chocolate shops to the world’s leading banks. Streamlined cafes are inviting for sitting and sipping coffee or hot chocolate while stopping to relax and take in the sights of passerby’s and their beautifully wrapped purchases.

Switzerland is famed the world over for production of exquisite intricate clocks and watches. However, today many of the less expensive watches are not Swiss but Chinese. While you are in Zurich and wanting to buy a watch that is not costly but made in Switzerland, go for either a Swatch or an M-Watch. If your preference caters for more extravagance, then of course Rolex is the answer or else the classic Bucherer. This is a watch in a league of its own for elegance and intricate mechanisms, and obtainable at the Bucherer store on the Bahnhofstrasse for a mere 25,000 Swiss Francs!

Things to do in Zurich Switzerland - Bahnhofstrasse
Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich

The Arts

Zurich has more than fifty museums of which fourteen are homes to art. The most important is the Kunsthaus with a collection of paintings and sculptures that are quite significant and includes works by Alberto Giacometti as well as pieces of art dating from the middle ages up until the present time. Pay a visit to the Rietberg Museum housing art from China, India and also from Africa. Also found in this area is the old building, resembling a castle which is the Swiss National Museum, with its wide-range exhibits of historical Swiss culture.

Things to do in Zurich Switzerland – Sightseeing on the lake

During the summer period, if you are looking for things to do in Zurich Switzerland; visitors can delight in taking a cruise with either a lake steamer or a ‘river bus’ on the Zurich Lake. When travelling along in a river bus, your route takes you on the Limmat river and then on to the Zurich Lake and along to Tiefenbrunnen, stopping at various points on the Limmat River. When touring the lake with the restored old steamers, Zurichsee Schifffahrtgesellschaft, (ZSG) you take them from the end of Bahnhofstrasse at Burkliplatz.

With the ZSG there are different tours on offer for your enjoyment, with one which is goes all the way along the lake to Rapperswil; an ancient town from medieval days that is overlooked by a castle. This is an outing that is very popular with tourists; and as you chug along taking in the scene of Alps from the lake is a very pleasing sight.

Things to do in Zurich Switzerland - Cruise Linmat River from Lake Zurich
Linmat River from Lake Zurich

Chocolate manufacture

 Take a short journey and see the procedure of making Swiss chocolate at the Frey brand factory. This product is Swiss from start to finish of quality chocolate and besides being most delicious; it is now the best chocolate to buy in Switzerland. It is exported to many countries around the world as well. You find Frey branded chocolate in all the Migros supermarkets; and it is also an ideal gift to take back home as gifts for family and friends.

Zurich nightlife plan

 When you are staying in Zurich, there are many clubs in Zurich for nighttime entertainment that include clubbing at Kaufleuten or at the city’s oldest club, the Mascotte, which are open until very late. During summer if you are looking for things to do in Zurich Switzerland; areas used for bathing or lying in the sun turn into dance areas in the evening; creating a lively vibe for the city.

 From Zurich visitors can take an array of short or long tours to explore other areas of Switzerland as well. For a real treat, the tiny country of Liechtenstein is close enough to visit as a day trip.

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