Things to Do in Newcastle, Australia

Home of the Australian railway, and home of the world champions of surfing, Newcastle is the second biggest city, and the second oldest city in the NSW region. It is also the second most populated area in the region as well.

Things to Do in Newcastle, Australia

Although this metropolitan area seems like the second best choice in the region, since it is located next to its overachieving neighbor Sydney, the people of Newcastle are actually constantly welcoming a large number of tourists, with more than 9 million overnights annually.

Things to Do in Newcastle: Newcastle Australia Nobby's Lighthouse sunrise
Nobby’s Lighthouse, Newcastle at sunrise: Photo on Flickr by Roanish / CC BY 2.0

From exquisite foods to honey flavoured wine, and from parties on the beach to the exciting night life – Newcastle has it all!

Sampling Food

You can’t enjoy your trip on an empty stomach, so the first thing you should consider doing in Newcastle is going on a personal food sampling tour.  The best place to start your tour is definitely the Darby Street in Newcastle city, and the Beaumont Street in Hamilton.

Darby Street is filled with various cute little cafes, coffee shops and fancy restaurants. There are lots of things to do and fill your afternoon with new experiences. The food you can find there ranges from Indian, Vietnamese and all the way to traditional Aussie foods.

Beaumont Street is also filed with restaurants, more than a few bookstores can be found as well, and cafes as well; but here you can find a broader range of different foods! Including Italian, Indian, Vietnamese and many others cuisines can be found among 42 different restaurants and cafes.

Things to Do in Newcastle: Prawn

Wine Tasting Tours

After all that delicious food, consider taking a stroll down the wine country.

The Hunter Valley, which is a neighboring region of Newcastle, has a total of nine wineries with fun tours and lots of amazing landscapes to see. So after you finish your wine tour, you can enjoy your view at the green hills in a horse drawn carriage. You can also visit numerous restaurants and cafes here as well, but also witness some of the iconic Australian wildlife, and even spend a nice romantic weekend at the local bed and breakfast joint.

Things to Do in Newcastle: Grapes

People actually get surprised by the beautiful land and delicious wines of the Newcastle. While some wines cost as little as 15$, you can also come across a 200$ bottle, and trust me – you will want to taste that. So bring some of that extra cash with you, or harass your family back at home to treat you with a prepaid visa gift card, since this is the place where you’ll definitely want to go all out.

Newcastle Knights Game

To experience the true spirit of the locals, when in Newcastle, you definitely must visit the Knights game. Through the autumn and winter, Knights have their games at the local Hunter Stadium, and the tickets are pretty affordable as well. A smart decision would be to arrive early at the stadium, and not miss out on the pre-match entertainment! The young guns are usually playing, and some of the tastiest game foods, such as Chico Roll or meat pie will definitely make you hungry for more.

Things to Do in Newcastle: Newcastle Knights
Newcastle Knights

You will not regret this fun sports day because you will certainly be caught in the extreme spirits of some of the biggest fanatical fans in the whole world.

Visit the Blackbutt Reserve

This wildlife reserve offers you the chance to hang out with some of the iconic Australian animals, and witness some of the exotic plants of Australia as well. It also offers numerous picnic spots and memorable bushwalks. But you will definitely want to visit their local zoo, where you can see diversity of birds, reptiles and small marsupials, and snap lots of photos of kangaroos lying round, pat a koala and hand feed emus.

Koala Blackbutt Reserve Newcastle
Koala in Blackbutt Reserve: Photo on Flickr by Nic Tinker / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Walk on the Bather’s Bay

If you start your walk at the Newcastle Station, you’ll find some of the most interesting food specialties and peculiar drinks in the Historic Customs House. After you have filled up on energy, continue the walk down the bay and enjoy the beautiful skyline which is dominated by the Queen’s Wharf Tower and view of the busy harbor.

Beach, mist and impending storm at Newcastle nsw australia
Beach, mist and impending storm at Newcastle: Photo on Flickr by Tim j Keegan / CC BY-SA 2.0

Also, you can make a quick stop and climb the tower and experience more stunning views of the harbor and the city. After that you can visit the pubs and restaurants along the way and taste various seafood and pizzas, as well as some of the greatest beers. Walk down the foreshore and make your way to Nobby’s Beach and its stunning beauty.

Along the way, you will get to enjoy the gentle breeze, and if it is a stormy day the experience will only be better. You can even see plenty of graffiti and urban art on the way, and give in to the fresh air and piece in your mind.

Make the best out of your stay in Australia, and meet all the local traditions and wildlife. Fill your stomach with the best foods from around the world and experience the true spirit of local games and pubs.

Newcastle can be a wonderful never-ending experience if you know where to go.

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