Things You Need To Know Before Travelling To Australia

Australia has both a unique and diverse landscape that makes travelling pure ecstasy. Unless you plan to spend the next six months traversing the various terrain in the Land Down Under, you will not see all of it. While it might look small, consider this: Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, and they have a territory of 2.97 million mi². Despite this, Australia has one of the lowest populations on the planet, and they only have two people per mi².

Australia Travel Guide for Beginners

Australia Travel Guide for Beginners

The DUI Laws of Australia

Wherever you might go in Australia, drunken driving is considered a serious offence and can result in expensive fines and the cancellation of your license indefinitely. that’s why having an experienced traffic and criminal lawyer who understands the local laws can be incredibly beneficial. A blood alcohol content level of above 0.5 is considered an offence in all the states. Some of the things considered will be the number of times that you’ve been arrested and whether or not you refused to stop. Fines in Australia start at A$550, and they can go up to A$3,000, and a prison sentence ranges from three months to nine months.

Cocktail glass
Cocktail glass

Beware of the Price

Australia is not a cheap country, and you can expect to budget for up to $100 every day for food, accommodation and activities. One way that you can save is through budget airlines because one-way air tickets do not cost as much like in the United States. You can also buy a bus pass that lets you get from city to city. Hostels cost an average of $30 to $50 a night, and you can get a private room if you want some privacy. It is also a cool way to meet some interesting people.

Australia Travel Guide for Beginners: Kangaroo on the beach at Esperance
Kangaroo on the beach at Esperance

Unlike Vietnam or India, the local food here isn’t really incredible or cheap. Instead, you can visit the local grocery chains like Woolworths or Coles and stock up on sausages. The great thing about Australia is that they have free public BBQs in almost every park. Unless you visit a national park or reserve, don’t expect to spot koalas or kangaroos on a golf course or in the suburbs. It’s not as common. The best place to see Australian wildlife is Kangaroo Island. The local wildlife of Australia is truly a must-see, considering 80 percent of the frogs, plants, mammals and reptiles here cannot be found anywhere else.

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