The Portland Waterfront Cherry Blossoms Are Here!

Cherry Blossoms in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon may be called “the City of Roses,” but Portland also has an abundance of other flowers scattered throughout the city. From the trilliums of Tryon Creek State Park to the rhododendrons and azaleas in the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and the Portland Waterfront cherry blossoms, spring is when colors explode in the city.

Seeing the Portland waterfront cherry blossoms

Every year in late-March or early-April—the exact time varies depending on weather conditions—the 100 Akebono cherry trees in Tom McCall Waterfront Park burst into bloom.

If you’re visiting Portland in the beginning of spring and only have time for a couple of parks, this should definitely be one you go to. The other recommended one is Forest Park, one of Portland’s greatest attractions.

You’ll find the double row of cherry trees on the Portland waterfront between the massive Steel Bridge and the Japanese American Historical Plaza, which is next to the Burnside Bridge underneath the iconic White Stag sign.

Additionally, this is also a stone’s throw from the Portland Saturday Market, which is actually open on both Saturday and Sunday. It’s a fantastic spring morning activity.

The Waterfront Park Trail runs alongside the Willamette River, offering superb views of the river, bridges and the Oregon Convention Center on the other side. The manicured lawns are ideal for picnicking, reading a book or just soaking up some early-spring sunshine.

I also recommend crossing the Steel Bridge, which brings you to the scenic Eastbank Esplanade, a half-floating, half-elevated walking and biking path. This amazing pathway runs all the way from the Steel Bridge to and beyond the Hawthorne Bridge. The views of the Portland skyline are phenomenal, especially early in the morning.

If you’re walking the Eastbank Esplanade in the afternoon, you might want to stop at Hair of the Dog Brewing Company. The path and the brewery are one of the best beer hikes in Portland.

Cross the Hawthorne Bridge and loop back to the Portland Waterfront cherry blossoms, where you started.

Portland cherry blossoms photos

Tom McCall Waterfront Park cherry blossoms, Portland, Oregon
People enjoy the early-spring sunshine in Tom McCall Waterfront Park
Cherry blossoms, Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon
One hundred cherry trees burst into bloom each year in the beginning of spring
Cyclist and cherry blossoms on the Waterfront Park Trail
The blossoms attract walkers, cyclists and photographers alike
People posing for photos underneath cherry blossoms
It’s a temporary paradise for Instagrammers
Pink cherry blossoms surround street lamps, Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon
The cherry blossoms engulf everything, including street lamps
Blue bicycle and pink cherry blossoms on the Portland Waterfront, Oregon
A blue bicycle on the Waterfront Park Trail, with the Steel Bridge in the background
Spring Cherry Blossoms underneath Burnside Bridge
Blossoms glowing in the morning sunlight underneath the Burnside Bridge
Akebono cherry trees in bloom
Two rows of Akebono cherry trees line the Portland waterfront
Cherry blossoms on Portland Waterfront, with Steel Bridge and Portland Convention Center, Oregon
Wonderful view of the Portland waterfront and Willamette River
Close-up of the many thousands of cherry blossoms
Close-up of the many thousands of cherry blossoms
People enjoying spring morning sunshine underneath cherry blossoms in Portland, Oregon
I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to go for a morning jog!

Have you ever seen the Portland Waterfront cherry blossoms?

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