The Female Digital Nomad in Singapore: A Guide

People walking on Jubilee Bridge. Female digital nomad in Singapore
Jubilee Bridge, Singapore

Asia is teeming with spots that welcome and embrace visitors, tourists, and more importantly, digital nomads! Some Asian destinations, including vibrant Singapore, have become famous for their cultural heritage, fast-paced tech innovation and safety. If you’re a lady who takes her job on her travels, there’s a city-state that offers all the perks. You should prepare to become a female digital nomad in Singapore.

Of course, since you won’t be working 24/7 (we hope), you should know your finest Italian restaurants in town. You’ll want to know where to go when in need of solid wifi and how to choose the best accommodation. You want to get the best bang for your buck in general. Let’s go over a few essential digital-nomad-friendly tips. Your trip to Singapore and your work and off-work hours will be a blast!

Your lifeline – your internet connection

Woman walking with rolling suitcase. Female digital nomad in Singapore

Have you heard that Singapore boasts some of the speediest connections on a global scale? To put things in perspective, in 2017 the US had an average of 18.7 Mbps, while Singapore boasted 20.3 Mbps. A digital nomad recognizes this as a noticeable advantage for reliable project deliveries. We’re now well into 2019, and Singapore is one of the most innovative regions in the world. An even stronger connection shouldn’t really surprise us when the next round of metrics pops up.

The entire city is well-covered with wifi. You can find malls, cafes, and public hotspots with strong connectivity despite the crowds. However, it’s always best to go during non-rush times when you can use the internet without too many others around. Every facility and every building complex, whether it’s a hotel, a library, or a restaurant is equipped with wifi. You’ll have your peace of mind for completing your work in time. If you spot a [email protected] network do a little happy dance, because you can use it for free!

People sitting by a dragon fountain in Singapore
Photo by Adhitya Andanu from Pexels

Accommodation in Singapore

As a gal on the go, it can be hard finding accommodation in a friendly neighborhood with all the amenities. This is especially true if you fly solo. In Singapore, however, this is not a problem. The city is filled with accommodation of all sorts. You can cherry-pick your most luxurious rooms, or you can find great deals to suit your budget. As a female digital nomad in Singapore, you have your pick.

View of Marina bay Sands Luxury Hotel, Singapore across water
Marina Bay Sands Luxury Hotel

Safety and adventuring

If you’ve become a digital nomad to traverse the world and experience new cultures, you’re in luck! You will be greeted by one of the most culturally alluring countries when you visit Singapore. But you’ll also have fast and easy access to other Asian destinations that are otherwise much more difficult to reach. From Sentosa Island to the tropical wonders of Malaysia and Indonesia, you can easily visit nearby urban and untamed destinations.

On the other hand, staying in Singapore while you’re traveling in Asia does bring a certain level of comfort. You’ll know you’re spending your time in one of the safest regions on the planet. Very low crime rates make it a favorite spot for female digital nomads. While you should always stay cautious, you’ll quickly feel very much at home wherever you go.

Singapore at night

Coffee shop heaven

As the fast-paced urban gem that it is, Singapore is no stranger to coffee. In fact, you’ll find that the coffee culture is incredibly versatile and developed. There’s a multitude of working folk hustling their way to offices who need their daily cups. There are even more eager explorers finding their spot at a local café with their laptop under their arm. They’ve turned the practice into an art form. The rest of the world could look up to them as a prime example of a productivity-boosting country.

As an example, Tiong Bahru is considered one of those hip and up-and-coming areas of Singapore. You’ll find many cafés like Plain Vanilla designed to meet the needs of the modern digital nomad. It offers a comfy table to place your laptop and a coffee-and-cupcake combo to die for. The rest of Singapore is also very open to digital nomads. You will easily find your spot to work in peace.

Singapore skyline with curved building of Marina Bay Sands Luxury Hotel
Marina Bay Sands Luxury Hotel, Singapore

If you’ve been on the hunt for a dreamy digital nomad hub, you’ve found it. Singapore is quickly becoming a beehive for worldwide travelers, and no matter where you come from, it will soon charm you with its upbeat culture and impeccable work ethic. With a little research, you can be living as a female digital nomad in Singapore in no time!

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