The Best Hamburgers in America You Must Try

As the United States celebrates its 240th birthday, it seems fitting to highlight the best hamburgers in America. After all, burgers are the food most associated with the country itself. I remember when I was living in Brussels, my colleagues would insist on “Quick” for lunch. Quick is almost the Belgian equivalent to McDonald’s. There’s no denying that even to foreigners, the hamburger is synonymous to American cuisine. It’s a staple offering at every American holiday gathering (except perhaps Thanksgiving) and almost every restaurant in the US has it on their menu. Here are some of the best hamburgers in America, let’s get to eating!

The Best Hamburgers in America

Shake Shack

Best Hamburgers in America,ShackBurger with Fries
ShackBurger with Fries

I first had a taste of the ShackBurger while staying in London. My local friends insisted on going there. Perplexed, since it was my first time hearing about the place, I quickly understood why it was such a hit. Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack is quite possibly where anyone can get the best “fast food” burger. Fortunately for travelers to the US, more and more Shake Shacks are opening around the country, but if you want to try it from where it began, head towards Madison Square Park in New York City.

What to Get? ShackBurger (Black Angus beef patty topped with American cheese, tomato, lettuce, and “Shack Sauce,” served in a grilled potato bun) and a side of crinkle cut fries.

Craigie on Main, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Craigie on Main Burger
Craigie on Main Burger

If the ShackBurger is a guilty pleasure, then the burger on Craigie on Main is pure indulgence and definitely one of the best burgers in America! People literally line up before the restaurant even open its doors for dinner just to sample their signature cheeseburger. The restaurant only makes a limited number a night and it’s only served at the bar. What makes this burger so special you ask? The patty is made with grass-fed local beef, bone marrow, and dehydrated miso. Then it’s topped with Shelbourne Farms cheddar and served in a griddled bun with house-made vinegar pickles on the side. It’s utterly flavorful with every bite.

Address: 853 Main St., Cambridge, Massachusetts

Holeman & Finch Public House, Atlanta, Georgia

Double Cheeseburger H&F
Double Cheeseburger H&F

This Atlanta gastropub might attract you with its selection of well-chosen local craft beers but it’s really the illusive double cheeseburger that makes people stay all-night, literally. Every night, at 10 p.m., Holeman & Finch’s kitchen serves only two-dozen burgers. Made with freshly ground grass-fed chuck and brisket, American cheese, pickles, onions, and homemade ketchup, this off-the-menu offering is definitely one of the best burgers in America. You can order it at well in advance while munching on other items on the menu. If you don’t have time to wait all night though, try it at brunch—that is if you can get a table.

Address: 2277 Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta, Georgia

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