The Benefits of Private Touring in New Zealand

When you step off the plane after a lengthy arduous flight, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the tedious details of how you are going to get to your hotel, do you have local currency for a taxi, and how on earth are you going to manage all your luggage? We know that your holiday is important; you have been saving and planning this moment for a long time and want to make the most of every minute. Sit back, relax, and let one of our experienced private driver/guides take care of all the details for you.

Road Trip
Road Trip

Arriving at Auckland Airport:

When you choose a private driver/guide, you will be welcomed at the arrival gate and escorted to your waiting 4WD vehicle. Refresh yourself with a complimentary bottle of chilled water from the stock kept in the trunk and dare to believe that your holiday has finally arrived. While the driver takes care of your luggage, you can orientate yourself by flicking through one of the magazines on board to catch up with local news and current events in New Zealand, and there are also interactive AA guides on board if you enjoy following the route. You can forget about having to rely on Sat Nav and maps (or dishonest Taxi drivers who take the long route!) …. your guide is a local Kiwi who knows the territory like the back of his/her hand and will get you to your chosen destination via the shortest route, while pointing out landmarks and attractions along the way.

Day One:

En route to your hotel, your guide will suggest an itinerary for your first day which can be tailored to suit your preferences and how tired you are; amazingly, most people get a second wind once they arrive and cannot wait to see more! If you are up to it, you will be taken on a guided city tour to visit some of the major city attractions. Some of our favourite attractions include a visit to the top of Mount Eden where you can get a 360-degree view of Auckland – great for getting your bearings. We will also visit Auckland Harbour Bridge, an exclusive Auckland yacht club (Everyone in Auckland seems to own a boat of some kind!) and another view point where you can look out over Rangitoto Island and the Coromandel Peninsula. Remember, with a private guide you can stop and linger a little wherever you fancy. At the end of the day (or when you have had enough sight-seeing!) you will be returned to your waterfront hotel to freshen up. Later your driver will be back to whiz you off to dinner at one of our favourite restaurants where you can admire the great view of passing boats while you enjoy a fresh seafood dinner and choose from a variety of excellent New Zealand wines and beers. Then its’ back to your hotel for the night, without a worry in the world!

Sailing in the Bay of Islands
Sailing in the Bay of Islands

Day Two and onwards:

By now you should be raring to go on your New Zealand adventure of a lifetime! Over the next few days your driver/guide (new best friend?) will ensure that you get the very best holiday experience that New Zealand has to offer. As your driver gets to know you better he/she will be able to tailor-make your excursions according to your likes and dislikes, without ever having to worry about pleasing a crowd of strangers. You will get the opportunity to visit some outstandingly beautiful spots that are off the beaten tourist track and cannot even be reached by regular tour buses. Don’t worry that you will miss out on any of the regular touristy attractions – if you want to go, we are there to take you!

Rotorua Geothermal Area
Rotorua Geothermal Area

Advantages of a Private Tour

Immersion: you will get an in-depth look at places that interest you, and leave out all those that do not!
Adventure: your guide is a local and knows everything there is to know about exciting places, restaurants, pubs and nightlife, as well as what adventure activities are available and which are the best if you have to prioritise. You will get to do things that you would probably never even hear about if you travel on your own.
Out of the way places: New Zealand is full of wonderful Department of Conservation walking trails that simply cannot be reached by buses; en-route you get to see some stunning scenic drives. You also have the opportunity to really get to know the locals (and count some sheep!) by staying at a small boutique farm-stay if you fancy.
More time to Linger: Probably the most compelling reason to choose a Private Tour. This way you never waste precious time waiting for other people to catch up and if you want to stop and enjoy a glass of wine at a winery, or sit on a beach and watch the sunset, it is your choice.

Fiordland Navigator overnight cruise in Doubtful Sound
Fiordland Navigator overnight cruise in Doubtful Sound

You will experience the very best of wonderful New Zealand on your very own private tour. We promise you will leave knowing that you have had the best holiday experience that New Zealand has to offer.

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