Thailand Travel Guide – Places You Need To Consider

Planning a trip to a wonderful country in Southeast Asia is perhaps the best way to spend holidays and to enjoy every second of it. It is a destination that can fulfill tourist expectations of all kinds. Whether you are eager to practice your hedonistic habits, appreciate nature or trying to spend your days in the serene and calm atmosphere; Thailand is the dreamlike union of all features. Thailand is a country full of beauty, history, culture and smiling people who will make your time fly. Take a look at some most visited places included in this Thailand travel guide before starting to plan this magnificent journey.

Thailand Travel Guide. Bangkok city skyline
Bangkok city skyline

Thailand Travel Guide: Must Visit Destinations


Capital city and the largest city in Thailand, with more than eight million people; Bangkok is a buzzing place that never sleeps. Like any other mega-city, Bangkok offers anything you can think of at any time, day or night. Even though it seems a bit chaotic, especially during the rush hour, excellent public transportation will take you wherever you like, whether it is sightseeing, exploring vibrant nightlife or shopping. The city is an interesting mix of concrete jungle, busy markets, ancient temples and green spaces with tropical plants.

The Thailand islands

Some of the most attractive beaches in Thailand are on the islands in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam. They are quite famous for their beauty and different atmosphere that each island offers. Some of them are a mecca for partygoers around the world, like Phuket or Ko Phangan, while others offer opportunities for spiritual exploration and recreation.


Once a capital of Siam and most glorious city in the world, now a major attraction and visiting site. Since it is only 80 km from Bangkok, it is easy to reach it by train, boat or a car. Until the 18th century, Ayutthaya was an impressive city with around one million citizens, four hundred temples, and three magnificent palaces. When in Thailand, Ayutthaya is a must visit in your Thailand travel guide.


Quite a popular tourist destination in Thailand travel guide and historically important site due to the magnificent ruins of an ancient city that was recognized by UNESCO. This fascinating site covers around 70 square kilometers. Best way to explore the ancient city is by bike or renting a tuk-tuk.

Phanom Rung

Thailand Travel Guide. Phanom Rung Temple
Phanom Rung Temple

A Hindu shrine complex in a northeast of Thailand. A gorgeous place on the sides of the extinct volcano, built by Khmers between 10th and 13th century, known for its exceptional architecture and Phanom Rung festival that takes place in April, at a time of the year when the sun shines through all sanctuary doorways.


Pai became one of the favorite Thailand travel guide destinations among tourists who wish to see more than cities and islands. Small but growing town in northern Thailand, situated in the foothills of the mountain and near the river, Pai offers various activities like tubing and trekking. Outside of the town are beautiful waterfalls, elephant camps, and an opportunity to visit hill tribes. Thailand hotel deals are quite inexpensive so make sure to book one in this beautiful region.

Khao Sok National Park

A paradise for nature lovers, Khao Sok in southern Thailand covers lakes, rivers and jungle forests. It is one of the most beautiful wildlife reserves, that is a home to Asian elephants, bears, tapirs and many monkey breeds. Visitors can enjoy scenery and wildlife while trekking or swimming in natural pools next to the numerous waterfalls.

Chiang Mai

Settled in the northern mountains of Thailand, Chang Mai is a culturally important city with a unique blend of traditional and contemporary influences. Dozens of Buddhist temples, restaurants, shopping markets and fascinating landscapes offer a vast number of opportunities. Quite a popular destination among tourists and backpackers.

Chiang Rai

Most northern place in Thailand, a city with around two hundred thousand people is a base for tourists who explore the region. Lovely and quiet place during the day; Chiang Rai is busy and buzzing in the night hours with opened bars, restaurants and souvenirs shops. Perfect for the backpackers who take day trips nearby.

Thailand Travel Guide. Tourist River Bridge Attraction Kwai Landmark
Tourist River Bridge Attraction Kwai Landmark


Heard of the Bridge over the River Kwai? That’s the place. Kanchanaburi, a city in the western Thailand, is an attractive destination because of its historical events in WWII and its access to surrounding national parks and waterfalls. Outside of Kanchanaburi is a fabulous scenery including forests, waterfalls, and caves.

Nong Khai

A lovely town on Mekong river, surrounded by beautiful scenery and temples; Nong Khai is an interesting destination for those who like the slower pace and places not crowded by tourists. Affordable accommodation, plenty of great restaurants and friendly people are what is more than captivating here. Not to miss the visit to the bizarre sculpture park.

Rai Leh

It is a small peninsula that attracts rock climbers from around the globe due to its high limestone cliffs that are climbing paradise. Rai Leh is an attractive destination with wonderful beaches, forests and relaxing atmosphere. Also, it offers affordable accommodation in numerous bungalow resorts.

Thailand Travel Guide


If you’ve started to plan your visit to Thailand; avoid taking a trip in the rainy season that lasts from May till October. Aside from the bad weather, nothing should keep you from traveling to Thailand. Especially because of the affordable prices of accommodation and food throughout the country. Beautiful scenery, great food, lovely people and warm weather are what it takes to have a memorable trip; so make sure not to skip this one.

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