How Tech is Changing Your Travel Experience From Planning to Destination

The travel industry has been in the midst of a major set of changes. This will only increase in the next few years. More mobile apps, AI, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT) will help make the travel experience more personalized, satisfying, and user friendly. We will have the ability to make our travel experience unique to our interests and desires. Here are 3 ways how technology changes our travel experience in planning, airports and destinations.

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3 Ways Technology Changes Our Travel Experience

In the Planning Phase

You will be able to sample walking down the streets of your destination, in museums and at other desirable tourism locations with augmented and virtual reality applications. This will help you pick the destination and sites that best suits your needs.

How would you like to walk out of a travel agent’s office with your own personal guidebook for your trip? How about a map that is created with your intended sites to visit?

Also, travel aggregators allow you to book all of your site-seeing junkets in one location, saving time.

At the Airport

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Mobile apps that coordinate with IoT beacons will help you save time, navigating you from check-in to boarding. The beacons will guide you to available parking and keep you apprised of your boarding time. Streamlining the process at the airport will allow you to spend some relaxing time in the airport restaurant before your flight.

One of the most frustrating experiences for flyers is lost luggage. Soon, your luggage will be able to notify your smartphone where it is. RFID technology will help airports more quickly to reunite passengers and lost luggage.

Another innovation in the works that shows how technology changes our travel experience is coordination between the airline’s mobile app and the hotel room you book. For example, if the plane will arrive late, the airline’s app could help you get late check-in approval at the hotel or provide you some other more timely flight choices. This would ease the pain of a late arrival.

At Your Destination

In your hotel room, the Internet of Things will allow you to manage all of the devices in the room – including heating and cooling, the television and when you want to receive your wake-up call – all by using one tablet device. The hotel will be able to deliver key cards to your smart phone, so you won’t have to bother to check in. NFC unlocking technology will allow you to use facilities, like the tennis court or pool, at your convenience.

Upon arriving at your destination, you will be able to change your itinerary on the fly with apps that aggregate data from many online resources – such as travel blogs, photos, social media, and search engines. This will make it easy to choose new sites to visit.

New ways of paying, such as digital wallets and cryptocurrencies will make it easier to pay for your travel spending. This will make travel safer, less about currency conversion, and more about having a vacation.

On the whole, the changes to the travel industry by new technology – such as AI, augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and new mobile apps – will help travelers have a less stressful and more enjoyable vacation that is more personalized to their interests and needs. It will be much easier to change itineraries on the fly. Also, information for travelers will be more integrated so that there is less information overload and more streamlined and helpful information that travelers really desire.

What do you think about these ways technology changes our travel experience? Are there other changes you are aware of that you would like to share?

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