Tech Tour: Visiting World’s Supercomputers

We all like to travel for many different reasons such as to see family, friends or going to an event. With more reasons to travel than ever including sports and medical. Did you know some travel to discover new technology? I’m a little outside my comfort zone but find it fascinating to see how technology is moving so quickly! This summer I got the chance visiting world’s supercomputers which got me thinking that if I find this interesting maybe a few of you would too?

visiting world's supercomputers. IT4 Innovations National Supercomputing Center
©IT4 Innovations National Supercomputing Center

Visiting World’s Supercomputers


Supercomputers were first introduced in the 1960’s by Seymour Roger Cray an American electrical engineer and supercomputer architect. Since then the U.S.A have been leading the way with more advanced High-Performance Computing (HPC).

visiting world's supercomputers. SGI Supercomputer
SGI Supercomputer ©MDHarding

The World’s Top 500 Supercomputers

Today’s leading supercomputers are:

visiting world's supercomputers


YearSupercomputerPeak speed
2018IBM Summit122.3 PFLOPSOak Ridge, U.S.
2016Sunway TaihuLight93.01 PFLOPSWuxi, China
2013NUDT Tianhe-233.86 PFLOPSGuangzhou, China
2012Cray Titan17.59 PFLOPSOak Ridge, U.S.
2012IBM Sequoia17.17 PFLOPSLivermore, U.S.
2011Fujitsu K computer10.51 PFLOPSKobe, Japan
2010Tianhe-IA2.566 PFLOPSTianjin, China
2009Cray Jaguar1.759 PFLOPSOak Ridge, U.S.
2008IBM Roadrunner1.026 PFLOPSLos Alamos, U.S.
1.105 PFLOPS
visiting world's supercomputers. Top 500 World Supercomputer
Top 500 World Supercomputer ©MDHarding


The list of supercomputers is updated twice a year at the ISC in Frankfurt, Germany ( and also at the SC18 which takes places in November Dallas, Texas  –

Poruba City of the Future

Poruba a district of Ostrava in the Moravian-Silesian Region in the Czech Republic. Lies in the Silesian part, with a history dating back to 1377. The region has been catapulted into the future with one of the world’s supercomputers – Salomon. Currently ranked 139th, the supercomputer is used for five research subjects including modeling for nanotechnologies. One program is creating mathematical and physical models in both basic and applied research for the development of nanoparticle carriers that deliberately transport a drug to a specific place in the human body.

visiting world's supercomputers. Poruba The Town of The Future
Poruba The Town of The Future ©MDHarding

To Reach Czech Republic & Poruba

It is really easy to reach the capital of Prague and from there travel by train or bus to Ostrava then on with a local tram or bus to Poruba.

visiting world's supercomputers.
Local Transport, Ostrava – Poruba ©MDHarding


There is a wide range of accommodation in Ostrava to choose from, including branded hotels to modern student apartments.

visiting world's supercomputers. Kampus Palace a Piece of History
Kampus Palace a Piece of History ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my trip visiting world’s supercomputers. As I mentioned, this subject is a little out of my comfort zone but as always if you do have any questions or comments please drop them below and I will do my best to answer them. Happy Travels:) x

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