Sydney Vivid Festival 2016

When a person is interested in some great fun, Sydney’s Vivid event is the place to visit. Each year, the Sydney Vivid Festival celebration grows with more exhibits, walks, and days to explore the “festival of light.” Australian artists, designers, and manufacturers are encouraged to illuminate Sydney’s urban corners through creative transformation.

Fun Guide to Sydney Vivid Festival

In 2009, Vivid began as a “smart” light festival to promote energy efficiency. One of the few displays was a projected light painting onto the Opera House. With time, the celebration grew into a “wonderland” of light art. Since the event is free, everyone is welcome to observe innovative light displays in the world’s largest external art gallery.

Sydney Vivid Festival 2016 NSW
Sydney Vivid Festival 2016

Sample of Events

For 2016, Vivid will run from May 27 to June 18. It is considered the most important time in Australia and is a spectacle enjoyed by both children and adults. This year’s event will be the most interactive in history. Touching is encouraged so that little hands are free to explore without getting into trouble. This is why families with children of all ages will have a blast.

One of the most anticipated zones is at Darling Harbour, which is hosting a Laser-Dragon Water Theater. Four enormous water screens will reveal three different shows throughout the festival. In the Taronga Zoo, guests can view the work of 30 Chinese artists who created various light sculptures that represent endangered species.

Families and tech-lovers should not miss Customs House. Here, a blue-tongue lizard will lead guests through a rich landscape that conveys a positive message about sustainability and technology. Teens will love the “Impossible Voyage.” Here, Cadman’s Cottage is turned into an imaginary ship. Using six looped Xbox Kinect cameras, players will be changed to avatars and sent into an imaginary world.

Tips for Families to Enjoy Sydney Vivid Festival

Sydney Vivid Festival 2016 NSW: I love you - vivid sydney Circular Quay
I love you – Vivid Sydney, Circular Quay

Although visiting Sydney Vivid Festival offers a unique experience at any time, it is best to start early, especially with younger children. At Martin Place and Central Park, lights turn on one-half hour before the rest. In this area, the festivities begin at 5:30 p.m., which gives families a head start with the fun. Since it is less crowded during the middle of the week, this may be the best time to take the kids. June 1 is especially a smart date. This is the first game of the 2016 Origin series, which means many potential visitors will be viewing the game instead of Vivid. Thanks to the many and family-friendly eateries near the lights, it is possible to plan a good meal as well.

Top Places to Watch Sydney Vivid Festival

For optimal viewing pleasure, there are many spots available. The Opera House’s Deep Purple Pool Hall is a secret place that overlooks the harbour. Another location is Altitude Bar. Situated at 176 Cumberland Street, a visitor can enjoy a drink and a bird’s eye view of the festival. The end of pier four and five at Walsh Bay will provide a picturesque view of Harbour Bridge as well. Finally, some of the best views can be witnessed on the walkway of the Cahill Expressway.

Vivid Sydney - Opera House
Vivid Sydney – Opera House
vivid sydney - opera house
Vivid Sydney – Opera House
vivid sydney - opera house
Vivid Sydney – Opera House
vivid sydney - central park
Vivid Sydney – Central Park

Family-Friendly Accommodations

When out-of-town travelers come for Vivid, there are a number of family-friendly accommodations in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Across from the Sydney Opera House, the Adina apartments is a great place to stay in the thick of the action. A balcony view may provide a direct picture of the Harbour Bridge. An alternative options is the Adina service apartments in Bondi. This place is just a 20-minute bus ride from Sydney central.

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