Sydney’s North Shore for the Absolute Beginners

If you ever find yourself in a Land Down Under, Sydney should be on top of your list, especially its North Shore. It’s a term used to describe the residential area of northern Sydney representing the region that is home to many parks and reserves, sportsgrounds and significant historical landmarks. It’s a perfect mixture of both urban and suburban areas and pure nature, so here’s your Sydney North Shore beginners guide through Sydney’s North Shore.

Sydney North Shore Beginners Guide

Taronga Zoo

One of the most famous Sydney’s attractions – Taronga Zoo – makes a perfect destination. Whether you travel alone, with your family, friends or your significant other, make sure you don’t miss this magnificent award-winning zoo. It’s home to over 4000 animals but they also work on conservation and breeding programs, making the zoo environment-friendly and sustainable. It’s located on Bradley’s Head, Mosman, a headland protruding from the North Shore and it’s overlooking the Sydney Harbour so you can get there by ferry or bus in no more than 15 minutes.

Sydney North Shore Beginners Guide: Giraffe at Taronga Zoo with Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background
Giraffe at Taronga Zoo with Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background: Photo on Flickr by YortW / CC BY-NC 2.0

Headland Park Mosman

While you’re in Mosman suburbs, take a walk through stunning Headland Park, one of Sydney’s greatest harbourside destinations. A walk through mesmerizing bushlands and scenic nature will certainly recharge your batteries. Prepare yourself to be amazed by the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and city skyline. If you’re into military tourism, you’ll be glad to hear that this is the place where you can learn about World War I military hospital and underground defence forts. Furthermore, if you happen to be there on a first Sunday of the month, you’ll get the chance to explore underground tunnels and gun emplacements.

Sydney North Shore Beginners Guide: Mosman Coast with Gun Emplacements Sydney
Mosman Coast with Gun Emplacements at Middle Head: Photo on Flickr by njcull / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Night on the Town

You know what they say – you never really know a city until you experience its nightlife. Sydney’s North Shore is full of pubs, bars, beer gardens and restaurants scattered all over the area so you might want to consider renting a vehicle with a good chauffeur. Famous Australian wine and beer will leave no one sober, so go ahead and give yourself a break. If you opt for reliable services on one of the top-rated chauffeured cars in Sydney, and your only worry should be your next-day hangover. If you’re into craft beer, check out Rag & Famish Hotel, The Oaks Hotel or Beer Cartel. For wine lovers, The Botanist, Since I Left You and Love, Tilly Devine are a must-visit places.

Sydney North Shore Beginners Guide: The Rag and Famish, North Sydney Australia
The Rag and Famish, North Sydney: Photo on Flickr by Jan Smith / CC BY 2.0

Rose Seidler House

If you’re into modern art and architecture, specifically Bauhaus movement, do not miss Rose Seidler House. The house won prestigious New South Wales architectural prize in 1951 and it was designed by Harry Seidler, one of the leading exponents of Modernism methodology in Australia (Rose was his mother). The house is a beautiful example of Bauhaus style and it was very futuristic and modern for Australia at that time. It has a mesmerizing view of Ku-ring-gai National Park and functions as a museum open to public since 1991.

Sydney North Shore Beginners Guide: Rose Seidler House Lounge Sydney NSW Australia
Rose Seidler House Lounge: Photo on Flickr by patchtok / CC BY 2.0

Luna Park Sydney

For some old-fashioned entertainment, go to famous Sydney’s Luna Park, a restored amusement park from the 1930s. It’s located just under the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so any type of public transport can get you there. Enjoy the thrilling rides such as Tango Train, The Wild Mouse, or Space Shuttle or indulge your nostalgia with a ride on a restored Ferris Wheel. In case you get hungry, you can have a real dinner on a Ferris Wheel, just make sure you book in advance.

Sydney North Shore Beginners Guide: Luna Park Sydney Australia
Luna Park with Sydney Harbour Bridge: Photo on Flickr by Ross Fowler / CC BY 2.0

Whenever some kind of top list of the world’s greatest city is announced, Sydney is usually at the very top – come see the reasons, yourself. If you’re an absolute beginner in the city, you’ll make no mistake if you start with the Sydney North Shore beginners guide! It will satisfy your wanderlust with marvelous historical sights, heritage landmarks, urban nightlife, as well as various entertainment venues. So, bon voyage and welcome to Sydney’s North Shore.

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