Sydney Historical Monuments You Must Visit

Sydney’s history is characterized by large scale culture mix. Today this is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and each settler and native who passed through this sunny land left his/her own personal story, that was walled into some of the amazing Sydney historical monuments and buildings we will present you in this article.

Sydney Historical Monuments to Visit

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Although this magnificent piece of architecture is not a historic monument per se, it definitely is the most visited and the most beautiful Sydney tourist site. Bridge was built in 1932 and it is the number one tallest and sixth longest spanning-arch bridge in the world. Architects from Dorman Long Ltd were influenced by the looks of Hell Gate Bridge in New York, while creating this masterpiece, as well as being one of Australia’s most photographic cities.

Sydney Historical Monuments: Sydney Harbour Bridge, NSW Australia
Sydney Harbour Bridge: Photo on Flickr by Lenny K Photography / CC BY 2.0

One of the best features of this bridge is the view it offers. It provides wonderful view on the Harbour area, with Sydney Opera House in the foreground, which is another architectural wonder, this city is proud of. Since Harbour Bridge is very tall, Sydney residents use parks under its access roads to for making picnics, BBQ parties and outdoor weddings. This way they enjoy food and tasty Australian wines with the first-raw seat view on bridge’s magnificent arches.

Macquarie Street

This is street that hides Sydney’s most beautiful Georgian and Victorian buildings and represents a true memory lane of Australia’s colonial past. Most old buildings in the street are completely restored and freshened up, so they offer a unique opportunity for a historical stroll. Street is named after Lachlan Macquarie, governor who is responsible for much of city’s early development. Since whole neighborhood is very vibrant, you can find nice array of vintage-looking pubs and shopping opportunities in surrounding streets and quarters. Here you will be able to shop till you drop in stores that accept credit, debit and visa gift cards.

Sydney Historical Monuments: Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW Australia
Macquarie Street, Sydney: Photo on Flickr by Terrazzo / CC BY-SA 2.0

Cadman’s Cottage

In Sydney you have a unique chance to see one of the first residential buildings in Australia. This one story building was the home of John Cadman, ex-convict, who also worked as coxswain. He was sent to Australia as a punishment for stealing a horse, and upon his arrival he was pardoned by the governor. House was also used by other government coxswains and their crews and it was originally located at today’s Circular Quay, but was moved 100 meters from its original location when Circular Quay construction started.

Sydney Historical Monuments: Cadman’s Cottage, The Rocks, Sydney NSW Australia
Cadman’s Cottage, The Rocks, Sydney: Photo on Flickr by Jeannie Fletcher / CC BY-NC 2.0

Fort Denison

This fortress was a first line of Sydney’s naval defense in 19th century. Its construction started after two American warships approached the city in 1839, and it was finished in 1841, the time when New South Wales was fearing from the attack of Russian Navy, as part of Crimea war campaign. Fortress also features saluting gun, which came from Dowes Point in 1906 and a lighthouse, built in Great Britain and shipped to New South Wales. The fortress saw some action in 1942, when two Japanese two-man submarines attacked Sydney Harbour, but they were quickly rejected by USS Chicago. Unfortunately one of the shells fired from American ship hit the fortress and caused minor damage to the tower, which is still visible.

Sydney Historical Monuments: Fort Denison NSW Australia
Fort Denison: Photo on Flickr by Newtown grafitti / CC BY 2.0

St Mary’s Cathedral

Sydney’s most beautiful cathedral is a definite must see. It was modeled after Notre Dame in Paris and it provides a great insight in history of Catholicism in the new world. Catholic masses were forbidden for more than 33 years after Sydney was settled. Right after Catholicism was legalized in New South Wales, Sydney believers started building their first chapel. Best time to visit St Mary’s is on Sunday morning, since at that time you can enjoy in the performance of cathedral’s choir.

Sydney Historical Monuments: St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney NSW Australia
St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney: Photo on Flickr by Shadow-or-Light / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Sydney is one of the first settlements in Australia and it provides a great insights in the life of first settlers and the people that they met after arriving on wide and long Australian beaches. Combined with mild climate and cultural influences from around the world, this city is one most interesting destinations for leisure travel.

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