Solo travel guide for Christmas in Sydney

So, you’ve decided to go on an adventure and spend Christmas Day in Sydney alone. Let me tell you from the start, there’s no way that you’ll feel alone during Christmas in this wonderful city even if you haven’t got a companion by your side. Luckily, thanks to so many tourists coming from all over the world in this time frame to Sydney, most of the city’s best hot spots are open on Christmas Day. Now, let’s see how you can spend this lovely Sydney Christmas holiday and have a real blast on your own.

Christmas Lights & Projections on St Mary's Cathedral. Sydney Christmas holiday
Christmas Lights & Projections on St Mary’s Cathedral

The Perfect Solo Sydney Christmas Holiday

Start with great breakfast

There are incredibly many good food places to eat in Sydney, but if you’re looking for something special on Christmas Day, you can check out some of the places voted out to be absolutely best when it comes to providing tasty service in the morning. You can easily find your perfect restaurant, with whatever food regime you follow, and get enough energy to start off your festive day.

Sydney, Christmas day. Sydney Christmas holiday
Sydney, Christmas day

The Spit to Manly beach trail

There’s no better way to burn some of those breakfast calories than by taking a walk during your Sydney Christmas holiday. Taking a bus to The Spit will allow you to follow a beach trail to Manly and enjoy the mesmerizing view and nature along the way. This walk trail is not so hard to accomplish, but you’ll definitely feel fulfilled and happier, especially with so many other people that came to the trail with the same goal as you. You could also check out the Bondi beach trail, but that one is usually a lot more chaotic and crowded.

Sunrise in Manly, NSW, Australia. Sydney Christmas holiday.
Sunrise in Manly, NSW, Australia

Head out to the Zoo

You might be surprised by this suggestion, but Taronga Zoo will not leave you disappointed. Apart from this being the nation’s biggest Zoo that offers home for numerous native animals, it’s also located at the perfect point on Sydney Harbour which will allow you to admire the view of Sydney Cove, Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It’s open on Christmas Day and there probably won’t be a lot of people, so you can enjoy your stay and take your time to look around undisturbed.

Taronga Zoo, Sydney. Sydney Christmas holiday
Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Check out The Rocks

Next to Circular Quay, which is the mainstream place for anyone looking to shop, drink and eat, you should definitely go to The Rocks District, which is a historic area of the city pretty near to the Circular Quay. This is definitely a place to put you in a good mood and holiday spirit as you walk along the cobble stoned streets and admire the architecture. What’s more, this is a place to explore some of the finest – as well as the oldest – Sydney pubs, and markets might be even more appealing than those in Circular Quay.

The Rocks. Sydney Christmas holiday
The Rocks

Enjoy the sunset on Christmas Day

There’s no more beautiful way to end the day than by enjoying the breathtaking view of the sunset while on a Sydney Harbour Cruise. There are many types of private cruises that you can book that also include a nice meal, and packages on special events such as Christmas Day are especially good.

The start of the Sydney Hobart Race. Sydney Christmas holiday
Motor yacht before the start of the Sydney Hobart Race

Get ready to party

As soon as the night comes, the clubs and bars are starting to operate. Whatever part of Sydney you happen to be in, you can find a place that would suit your favorite form of nightlife fun. What’s more, hotels in Sydney are great when it comes to booking your stay during your Sydney Christmas holiday because most of them throw their own parties and festive dinners for their guests to enjoy, which is a perfect solution if you’re already tired from the long day of walking around and experiencing new things.

Darling Harbour, Sydney. Sydney Christmas holiday
Darling Harbour, Sydney

Once you get your ideas in order when it comes to spending Christmas Day alone in Sydney, make sure to book your reservations in advance for things that need to be booked so that you can truly have a wonderful experience and get a taste of Christmas in a completely unique and refreshing way.

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