Sunny, Beautiful Nerja: What Not To Miss

Nerja’s picturesque streets and prime location make it a wonderful destination for vacationers seeking a warmer climate. It’s no wonder, as it boasts 320 days of sunny skies. The renowned Costa del Sol (“coast of the sun”) provides a welcome escape from cooler temperatures and gray skies. Fifty kilometres east of the Malaga airport, sunny, beautiful Nerja can be easily reached by private shuttle, public transport or hired car.

Offering the delights of an authentic Spanish town with modern conveniences, this area has appeal for visitors of any age. One of the obvious draws to Nerja is its beautiful sandy beaches. With the turquoise & clear waters of the Mediterranean, it’s a diver’s dream, but it offers many other attractions. Nerja’s centre delivers the charm of local artisan goods and the aroma of Spanish coffee filling the air. Here are five sites that should not be overlooked on your next stay in sunny, beautiful Nerja.

Aeiral view of Balcon de Europa, sunny beautiful Nerja
Hotel Balcon de Europa

The Balcon de Europa in Nerja

This famous landmark at the town’s centre gives its admirers panoramic views of the coastline of the Costa Del Sol. The location of the balcony is clearly marked, but often the music of local musicians will guide you there. Along the front, you will find several restaurants, coffee shops and bars. You can order a “cana,” a small glass of lager, and tapas and watch the artists create their latest pieces.

Burriana Beach

For some fun in sunny, beautiful Nerja, head to the sandy shores of Burriana Beach. For the ultimate relaxation, sunbeds are ideally placed to enjoy the sun’s rays. Nearly a kilometer of coastline is dotted with several “chiringuitos” grilling up fresh batches of a local favorite, sardines. Ayo’s chiringuito is well known for their authentic paella, a traditional rice dish cooked in cast iron with a signature yellow colour from saffron. While you will find a several versions of paella at many restaurants, Ayo’s famous paella features both chicken and seafood.

High view of Nerja beach with cliffs, umbrellas, boats and people; sunny beautiful Nerja
View of the beach and ocean at Nerja


Nestled into the hilly countryside is the beautiful white-washed village of Frigiliana. Voted one of the nicest villages in Spain, this postcard worthy place is not to be missed. Wander into one of several shops selling colorful hand painted mosaics. Be sure to pick up a bottle of the sweet local Frigiliana wine.

The town centre has a sugar cane factory that hosts a fun sugar cane festival in April. The Three Cultures Festival in August celebrates the Christian, Arabic and Sephardic influences on the village. Mingle with the locals on Thursdays in the market to experience farm fresh produce or purchase hand made leather goods. Lastly, don’t forget to take a moment to stop and appreciate the view.

The Coast Road to La Herradura

Spain features many scenic winding roads, but this stretch leaving sunny, beautiful Nerja toward La Herradura has to be one of the best on the Costa del Sol. Its protected marine park leaves its cliffs unspoiled for viewer appreciation.

At the edge of one of the cliffs there is a viewing point for La Torre de la Rio de la Miel, the ruins of an 18th century watch tower. Nothing beats watching the sunset over the Mediterranean as you cruise along the seaside.

Once in La Herradura, be sure to stop and enjoy a typical Spanish tapas bar. You can enjoy a variety of small plates or the amazing seafood and rice special. Pair them with a glass of Spanish wine.

Spanish paella cooked on the beach, sunny beautiful Nerja
Spanish Paella with rice, seafood, shrimp and shellfish

At one time sunny, beautiful Nerja was just a small, hidden fishing village that was only accessed by a winding coastal road. The motorway has opened this stunning gem to more visitors. Travellers can get from Malaga airport to Nerja in less than one hour

Nerja provides innumerable treasures for both tourists and residents. Your holiday will have a well-balanced mixture of relaxation, excitement and a glimpse of local living. Undoubtedly, you will discover your own favorites along the way. The variety has brought many to return to this haven year after year.

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