Summer’s Best Pet-Friendly Holiday Destinations

There’s no better feeling than taking your pet with you on a relaxing summer vacation. As many pet owners know, however, finding pet-friendly holiday destinations can be a continuing dilemma, not to mention the stresses of pet travel.

Yet you and your pet needn’t lose any hair or sleep over it. There are plenty of pet-friendly destinations around the world that are happy to receive and welcome you both. Instead of parting with your pet, here are the best pet-friendly holiday destinations to take your furry friend this summer.

two long-coated white-and-black Shih Tzu puppies on a hammock in Shanghai, China
Kanshan and Momo – two Shih Tzu dogs: Photo © Alvan Nee on Unsplash

1. Paris, France

France is one of the most famous pet-friendly destinations in Europe. You will find pets of all sizes and shapes snuggled next to their owners in bistros, cafes and even Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the nation.

Paris is particularly notorious for its pet-friendly fashion districts, where an assortment of pets can be found peeking out of designer handbags. From pet-friendly hotels and B&Bs to pet-friendly shops and restaurants, you will find Paris to be very animal-friendly.

2. San Francisco California, USA

San Francisco is famous for hosting more dogs than children under 18. You and your pet will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a host of hikes, parks and off-leash areas.

Many restaurants, bars and local shops will let you bring your dog. The famous cable cars and cruises accept pups on board.

You’ll find the USA’s west coast packed with dog-friendly beaches and urban hikes. Your dog will love exploring with you.

3. London, UK

We may not think of London for pet-friendly holiday destinations, but we should; England loves its animals. Dogs and crated cats are allowed on all forms of public transport. That includes the Tube, national trains and local buses.

That means you needn’t stay cooped up in the city. You can take your pet on countryside adventures in the Cotswolds and beyond. What’s more, most pubs, cafes and local shops in London will let you bring your pet inside.

Hampstead Heath and Richmond, Hyde, Victoria and Regent’s Parks allow off-leash walks, and renowned department stores like Selfridges and Liberty open their doors to smaller pooches.

4. Lorne, Victoria, Australia

Situated along the beautiful Great Ocean Road, Lorne is an ideal retreat for pet owners looking to soak in its beautiful beaches, scenic trails and summer sunshine.

Australians love their dogs and you’ll find plenty of pooch-friendly bars, restaurants and shops in both Lorne and Victoria in general. Pet-friendly accommodation in Lorne includes everything from coastal holiday rentals to relaxing B&Bs.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dog being fed a treat. Pet-friendly holiday destinations

Western Europe is a particularly dog-friendly part of the world. This is apparent nowhere more than in the Netherlands. In particular, dogs will love exploring Amsterdam‘s canal-side street walks and luscious city parks.

With a host of pet-friendly accommodations on offer, animals are welcome in most corners and crevices of Amsterdam, bar art galleries and national museums.

6. Vancouver, Canada

Woman and dog outside with mountains in background. Pet-friendly holiday destinations

With more pets per capita than Canada’s other cities, Vancouver is an ideal base to explore western Canada with your pet. A plenitude of forested hikes and beach-side walks make Vancouver a haven for active pets and their owners.

What’s more, the city has a number of welcoming dog-friendly bars, beer gardens and restaurants, with off-leash dog parks to explore. With dog-friendly hotels increasing in number, summer is a perfect time to take your pet to Vancouver.

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