Top Reasons to Study Abroad In Canada

When some people think of studying abroad, they think about exotic, expensive vacations disguised as school. However, what many people don’t realize is that studying abroad can be done in a relatively tame destination for less money than it costs to go to school domestically. Here is everything you need to know to study abroad in Canada; if you are looking to receive a quality education for a good price and you are willing to travel.

Science World, Vancouver. Study Abroad in Canada
Science World, Vancouver

Travel and Study Abroad in Canada for Top Education

Canadian Universities are World-Class

University of Toronto. Study Abroad in Canada
University of Toronto

If you have spent any time in a university classroom; you’ve probably realized that there are a lot of Chinese and Japanese students who have come to your hometown to study abroad. It can be surprising for Americans to see their local university getting so much global attention; but the fact of the matter is that American schools are famous worldwide for the quality of education that they offer.

Not only is the United States home to famous high caliber schools like Harvard and Yale; but the average public university is also a cut above most schools in other countries. The same can be said of Canada. Canadians value education a great deal, so while Canada is home to some top notch schools like the University of Toronto, ranked 21st in the world, even provincial colleges are sure to leave students with a quality education.

Like many American universities, you can always apply to a Canadian school online. This is a must for students who don’t live nearby and don’t want to pay expensive international postage fees.

Tuition is Cheap in Canada

While the quality of education is high, the United States is famous for high tuition costs and painful student loans. The same can not be said of Canada; where education receives more subsidies from the government and universities strive to be affordable for all students. For Canadian citizens, even the more expensive regions cost less than the average cost of tuition in the United States, which was over $16,000 in 2014. The low cost of tuition is further bolstered by the fact that Canadians can write off tuition in taxes.

International students must pay slightly more than citizens, but they still receive the same high quality of education. Plus, certain in-demand majors like nursing and education are available at remarkably low prices, giving international students a chance to study abroad in Canada for cheap and fill much-needed career posts after graduation.

If you Love it, you can Stay Afterwards

Studying abroad in Canada can help you establish residency if you eventually decide to apply for citizenship. This is crucial since you need to have lived in Canada for four of the past six years when you apply for citizenship. Conveniently, many degree programs in Canada take about four years to complete.

The reasons to stay in Canada are numerous. American students will feel very comfortable there, as it’s not all that different from the United States. They can also enjoy benefits like Canada’s famous universal healthcare. Canada is also a relatively rich country, with an average salary of over $58,000 Canadian dollars. For some students, Canada may be a place with all of the benefits of their American lives and none of the shortcomings.

There is Lots to do in Canada

Canadian mountains and lakes. Study Abroad in Canada
Canadian mountains and lakes

Canada doesn’t appear on many people’s list of top vacation destination; but there really is a lot that you can do to have fun there. Like parts of the United States, Canada has an incredible amount of outdoor space to enjoy. You can spend a lifetime doing things like backpacking, skiing, and rock climbing throughout the vast Canadian wilderness while you study abroad in Canada.

Canada also has lots of great shopping destinations and cities like Toronto and Vancouver can easily compete with American metropolises.

If college is in your future and you’re concerned about high costs at American universities, Canada may be just right for you. With cheap tuition, quality education, and lots of great things to do, it’s an amazing destination for studying abroad.

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