3 Things To Do When Stuck At The Airport

You were prepared to catch your flight on time, but things just did not work out the way you expected them to. Due to the weather or some other issues going on, you have received notice that your flight is delayed so now you have to sit around and play the waiting game.

Stuck at the Airport: Business woman at international airport sitting and drinking coffee to go while waiting for her flight for a business trip. Female passenger at terminal indoors.

There is nothing more boring than sitting silently in a public place while waiting for several long hours to pass. However, there are a few fun things you can do to make the time pass faster than it would if you were just sitting there and staring out the window.

What to Do When You’re Stuck at the Airport

1. Give Yourself a Personal Tour

When most people think of airports, they simply think of a place where planes come and go throughout the day and night. However, many of these airports have different amenities inside of them to make things more entertaining and interesting for those who are getting ready to travel. Some of these amenities include gift shops, bars and restaurants.

Stuck at the Airport: Young woman at international airport, drinking coffee and eating a sandwich while waiting for her flight.

It is easy to waste several hours at these different hot spots in the airport while losing track of the time. You could search for a few nice gifts to get for loved ones, have one of your favorite beverages at the bar or even enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant while chatting with a few other people who are dining there, too. If you really want to make it more fun, you can pretend you are a personal tour guide as you walk all around the building.

2. Put Together a Scavenger Hunt

Although it is more fun to do a scavenger hunt with loved ones, you can still do it on your own if you get stuck at the airport alone. Compile a list of random things you need to look for throughout the airport. Your list could look something like this:

  • Find someone with a blue suitcase
  • Find an open bar
  • Take a picture with a bearded man
  • Start a random conversation with a seated stranger
  • Search for a working television
  • Find a souvenir with your name on it in the gift shop

These are a few of the creative ideas you can use for your scavenger hunt. If you get stuck with your loved ones at the airport, consider breaking up into teams of two or three and go your separate ways. The team that has the most points by a specific time will win a prize. You can determine the type of prize, such as a few extra dollars or a free meal for the winning team that gets paid for by the losing teams.

3. Use Electronics to Your Advantage

Most airports offer Wi-Fi because it is convenient for those who are traveling with electronics, including laptops and tablets. If you have these electronic devices, why not pull them out and keep yourself occupied for hours? Instead of sitting around anxiously waiting for your flight, catch up on some work or log into your social media accounts to see what some of your friends are posting about at that moment. If you have a subscription to a movie site, take the time to catch up on your watch list.

Stuck at the Airport: Happy senior couple sitting on the floor with laptop waiting for a flight at the airport

It is easy to get so involved in what you are doing online that you completely stop paying attention to the time. When you finally look over at your phone or watch to check the time, several hours may have passed, which brings you that much closer to catching your flight and getting where you need to go

Getting stuck at the airport is not something most travelers look forward to experiencing. However, it is something that does occasionally happen. If you do not want to feel bored or become grouchy because you have to sit for hours on end, try a few of these activities to help make the time pass much faster.

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