Holidays Ahead? Make It A Stress Free Vacation

Who doesn’t like vacations? They give us a chance to step away from all the stress and rush we are dealing with every day; and spend some time being focused on ourselves. Still, as relaxing as vacations are, preparing for them can be another source of stress and pressure. If you’re hoping to enjoy a stress free vacation, focus on preparations and make sure you’ve taken care of everything; so that the days ahead can be spent as carefree as possible.

Stress Free Vacation

How to Enjoy A Stress Free Vacation

Don’t be too available

Of course, you will want your family and friends to know that you’re safe and sound and to be available in case of an emergency, but you need to know where to draw the line. If you answer all your emails immediately; it will be as if you’ve invited people to write to you and ask you for favors and advice. Steer clear of social media and apps for a while, and definitely turn off any work-related notifications. You can even turn off your phone for a while! You’re on a vacation, and if you don’t answer your phone or emails for a few hours, it’s not the end of the world.

Don’t be too available

Be spontaneous

While it’s important to cover everything (buy plane tickets, book a hotel, and rent a car if need be), you don’t have to have a plan for every minute of your vacation. Being spontaneous is wonderful as it lets you be more trusting – you trust yourself and those you travel with. It’s good to make plans, but if things don’t go according to those plans, try not to be devastated. If you’ve missed a bus, walk to the next bus station or visit a nearby café while you wait for the next bus, and if you’re walking home and see a nice park, feel free to walk around and explore it a bit more. Not only will you get to know the place a bit better; but you’ll also be more relaxed and have more fun.

Leave your work behind
Leave your work behind

If you are working on a project; it might be tempting to pack your laptop and bring some of the work with you. A couple of small tasks won’t hurt, right? Well, as tempting it can be, if you decide to take your work with you; you will probably have less fun and definitely more work. If the vacation is going great, you will not want to do the work (and end up feeling guilty over it), and if you manage to do it, it might take you longer than you expected, thus ‘stealing’ your precious vacation time. That’s why the best thing to do is leave your work behind and get back to it when you come back to the office.

Secure your home

It might be difficult to relax at the beach if you keep thinking about whether or not you turned the stove off or remembered to lock the door. Try making a list of things you want to double-check before you leave – like checking your alarm system, throwing away food that may spoil, and watering your plants. If you want, you can also give the spare keys to a friend or neighbor and ask them to check on your home from time to time.

Think of your pets

People who have pets agree that they are like their four-legged furry family members. This is why it’s only natural that you want what’s best for them while you’re on a vacation. Contact your hotel and ask them about their pet policy. If they are pet-friendly, you can take your pet with you; but if not, your pet will have to wait for you to come back. If you’re not too enthusiastic about taking them to a pet hotel, pet minding is a convenient way to keep them safe and happy while you’re away. You can arrange for pet minders to come and play with your pets, feed them; and make sure they’re safe while you enjoy a stress free vacation.

Think of your pets

While it may not be easy to invest more strength and time into the preparation for your vacation; it will eventually pay off, because it will reduce your stress and anxiety levels and you’ll be ready to enjoy a stress free vacation. If you know that everything is taken care of while you’re away; you won’t have to waste the precious time worrying whether everything’s fine.

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