Travelling abroad? Where to store your photos?

The 21st century is the age of traveling. Due to the development of air transportation, plane tickets have never been more affordable. Also, since more and more people have a chance to travel, they take more photos and make more videos than ever before, as well. But what to do if you are standing in the heart of Florence and you realize that you do not have any storage space on your smartphone memory card? Here are some potential solutions that can prepare you for such a situation.

Storing Photos While Travelling Abroad: florence italy
Florence, Italy

Storing Photos While Travelling Abroad

External Drives vs. Memory Cards

Last year I was on a trip across Europe. Since I wanted to visit dozens of towns and cities in only two weeks, it was a real challenge to store all my photos. This trip opened my eyes when it came to photo storage options. I realized that there are two basic options for photo enthusiasts on the road. If you are a business traveler, carrying your laptop with you, you should take a portable hard drive to your trip. Get a drive with a 3.0 USB port. That way you can transfer the photos to the external drive in no time and free some space of the internal storage space on your mobile/camera.

On the other side, if you are traveling out of pure joy, an ample memory card will do. However, bear in mind that the size of an average high-resolution photo is 3-10 MB, so get at least a 32-GB memory card.

Storing Photos When Travelling Abroad Rome, Italy Baby Fiat 500
Fiat 500 in Rome

Cloud options for mobile users

Smartphone manufacturers are investing large sums of money to ensure as many perks as possible to win our loyalty. No matter what phone you have and what operating system it is powered by, you will be offered several options for storing your photos online.

Android users

Firstly, if you use an Android-powered mobile, you can have all the photos you take on your mobile device synced with your Google account, meaning that they will automatically be backed up on Google Drive. The greatest benefit this storage space offers is unlimited storage. Also, even Apple users can store their photos here. However, read more about some privacy issues beforehand.

iPhone admirers

On the other hand, Apple users can upload their photos to Photo Stream or iCloud Photo Library. Also, there is the in-device option called Camera Roll. Although this system is more complex, it offers better protection.

Finally, you can choose third-party cloud storage options, like Amazon or Dropbox, but take good care of security and privacy terms. For instance, I used Dropbox as a backup option during my Euro trip.

Ensure proper Internet speed

When you want to see the most of every city you visit, being able to find a fast Internet connection is of greatest importance. If your photos are uploaded slowly, you will waste some precious time, as well as some nerves, too. For instance, I avoided free Wi-Fi connection, because I had my doubts about some security issues. I used only password-protected connections, usually in restaurants when I would sit down for lunch or a drink. (You have to try the original Italian Margherita pizza and their American espresso). Of course, before you start uploading photos to your cloud account(s), try a free internet speed test to check the connection. A slow connection or a weak signal will also waste your time and patience, so pay attention to that.

Storing Photos While Travelling Abroad: Original Italian Margherita pizza
Original Italian Margherita Pizza

I had a great time in Europe and I took over 2k photos during my trip. It would be impossible without several storage options. Therefore, I strongly recommend this multi-lane approach to photo storage. You will be more relaxed on your trip and you will also have more photo memories when you get back home.

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