Tips for Staying in A Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

While you are travelling in Japan, you will want to experience one of the strangest types of accommodation in the world: The Capsule Hotel!

A Capsule Hotel is a type of hotel with many small “pods” that travelers can sleep in, stacked in rows of hundreds along long corridors. People with claustrophobia will want to avoid staying in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan because the small pod that you will be given to sleep in will not be more than four feet wide and six feet long. When you walk into the sterile hallways lined with capsules, you will have the eerie impression that you are crawling into a morgue drawer as the space is not much bigger than a coffin! However, within this tiny sleeping space you will have everything that you could possibly need including a mattress, blanket, television, radio, shades to pull down for privacy, and even an alarm clock.

Staying in a Capsule Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

When staying in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan, the bathroom facilities are shared with other guests, in a similar fashion to a hostel. Some capsule hotels are male-only, but an increasing number have created separate areas for women. Most hotels include restaurants or cafes, and some only offer vending machines. There might also be a pool or other entertainment facilities, depending on the hotel. Prices are usually around £15-£30 per night, which is incredibly cheap compared to most of the other accommodation in the city of Tokyo.

The hotels are often used by busy Japanese businessmen who have been working late in the office and have missed their last train back home. They can crash here in a capsule and grab a few hours of sleep, buy themselves a fresh shirt and pair of socks from the gift shop, and head back to work in the morning. These hotels are also popular with budget travellers who want to be able to see the exciting city of Tokyo while saving money on accommodation, as well as experience this unique and strange form of hotel.

Staying in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan: Capsule Hotel 92
Capsule Hotel 92: Photo buck82 / CC 2.0


If you will be staying in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan during your travels, here are some tips that will make the experience safer and more enjoyable:

  • When you first enter the hotel, always take your shoes off and place them in the locker. When you are walking around the hotel you should wear the slippers that are provided.
  • If you have forgotten your toothpaste, underwear, or other necessities, you will usually be able to buy these items from the vending machines!
  • Make sure that you find out the checkout time and that you don’t sleep through it, because you will automatically be charged for another day if you check out late.
  • Don’t try to take your bag with you into the capsule. You just won’t have enough space for it! Only take what you need and lock up the rest of your belongings in the secure area provided. They will be safer there, because most capsules only have a curtain and not a door with a lock.

Enjoy sleeping in your tiny pod!

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