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We all know that packing for a trip is stressful. Deciding what clothes to travel in can be even more so. As if finding clothes that are comfortable isn’t challenging enough, finding ones that are also fashionable can seem impossible. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending ten hours on a plane or a couple of hours in a car; the clothes you wear while traveling are very important. Read on to discover ways to stay comfy and stylish while traveling.

Focus on fabrics

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You won’t believe what difference material makes until you swap your skinny jeans for some yoga pants. Cotton shirts are natural but also wrinkle rather easily; and you don’t want to end up looking like you’ve been through hell when you reach your destination. Polyester, spandex, wool, and cashmere are among the best wrinkle-free materials on the market. Such clothes are very comfy too. Pick a blend of cotton and any of these fibers and you’ll get enough stretch for long period of sitting.

Colors and patterns

Clothes in darker colors and with different patterns are the best for traveling for several reasons. You will probably be sweating, and such clothes don’t show sweat stains as much as light-colored ones. In addition to this, bus and train stations and airports aren’t exactly clean, nor are the seats.

Add coffee spills and you end up with high chances your clothes will be dirty by the time you arrive. Darker or earthy, neutral-colored clothes will help you blend in when you’re traveling. When you safely reach your destination, feel free to wear white clothes for as long as you’d like. You can be stylish while traveling and when you arrive.

Layers are the best

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There is nothing better for traveling than wearing multiple layers – you can stay as warm as you need to be, or you can remove some pieces if it becomes too hot at some point. Add or remove layers based on the temperature in the plane or the car. They’re especially important if the temperature between your starting point and your intended destination varies a lot. Add a scarf or sweater to your outfit and remove it if you get too warm. Put on a pair of amazing boyfriend jeans by Mavi, a simple dark colored tank top, and a light jacket to keep you warm on the plane. If a jacket is a bit too much, you can always pick a long cardigan instead.

Convenient accessories

Finding the right outfit for your trip is never complete until you’ve found the right accessories as well. Some items you’ll be grateful you’ve packed include an oversized scarf that can be both warm and stylish; a hat that will save your hair; a spare pair of anti-compression socks that will keep your ankles from swelling during long car rides and flights; and sunglasses that will allow you to hide those puffy eyes.

Try not to wear too much jewelry. While you want to be stylish while traveling, you still want to be comfortable. Simple earrings are a better choice than big, chunky ones. They won’t get in your way if you try to get some sleep. Too many rings will make washing and drying your hands a nightmare.

Great footwear

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Footwear is tricky because usually, the most comfortable pairs we own are also the least stylish ones. Finding a nice pair of comfy slip-on flats that you can easily remove isn’t too difficult. You should avoid laces since your feet may swell, and you might have to remove your shoes at the airport. It’s best if you aim for something a bit more convenient. You don’t want to make a line at the airport while you’re tying and untying your laces, do you?

Celebrities and travel bloggers can make traveling by plane look glamorous, but those of us who fly often know better. Travel clothes should be comfy, but today we can pick pieces that are chic and stylish at the same time. Forget about your old sweats and cargo pants and choose traveling clothes that will keep you looking stylish while traveling.

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